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Unveil keywords your competitors rank on and you don't

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Unveil keywords your competitors rank on and you don't

When you are optimising an app, keyword research is often the most difficult and time-consuming step of the process. That is why we want to provide our users with the most relevant keyword suggestions for your app. Today, we are happy to introduce you Opportunity Keywords, our latest keyword suggestion tool that will allow you to know on which keywords your competitors rank and you don’t. For those who already know our Ranked Keywords suggestion tool, you’ll see that this feature is the little plus that will help you save precious time!

What are Opportunity Keywords and where to find them

When you build your semantic dictionary, you will naturally start with the keywords that are the most relevant for your app, probably the ones that you are already targeting and those you already rank well on. However, the most interesting ones will be the relevant keywords that you “missed” in your previous metadata update. Looking at other apps that are targeting similar keywords will help you quickly identify these missed opportunities and grow your keyword base.

Practically, what we do with the Opportunity Keywords is that we fetch all the keywords where we found your competitor ranks in the top 100 search results but we couldn’t find your app. We also show the Shared Keywords, which are those both you and your competitor have in common.

To find the Opportunity Keywords on AppTweak, you need to open your app and add competitors then go to Keywords > Picking tool > Ranked Keywords. If you scroll down you’ll see your competitors’ ranked keywords and below you have the Opportunity & Shared Keywords. This feature is also available in the Top Download Keywords Suggestion Tool and active in all supported countries and stores.

How Opportunity keywords will simplify your ASO workflow

To show you the power of this feature, we will put the theory into practice and show you how you can identify your missed opportunities in just a few clicks.

Let’s take Grubhub for example.

Grubhub Page View - AppTweak ASO Tool

We added a few competitors in the food delivery sector, including DoorDash, Bite Squad, Uber Eats, and Postmates. We then added all the unique keywords of these competitors to a new list called “Opportunity keywords”.

Unique keywords of Uber Eats against Grubhub - AppTweak ASO tool

Unique keywords of Uber Eats against Grubhub

From this list we decided to scrap out all the keywords that had a volume below 10 as the potential traffic coming from those keywords is very little. After sorting and filtering this list I could highlight several missed opportunities for Grubhub.

DoorDash, UberEats and Postmates are ranked on several combinations including the term “pizza”. It looks like many users are searching for their favourite pizza place on the App Store and are actually downloading competitors’ apps.

Monthly installs that Grubhub gets from keywords including “pizza” against its competitors - AppTweak ASO Tool

Monthly installs that Grubhub gets from keywords including “pizza” against its competitors

As you can see in the table above, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates get a good flow of organic downloads from keywords that include the term “pizza”. Grubhub, however, is totally missing out on this opportunity, with no installs coming from these words.

Monitor your competitors through keywords

As mentioned previously, Opportunity Keywords will not only be interesting when you are building your first semantic dictionary but also when you want to keep track of the terms that your competitors are targeting.

Your semantic dictionary requires constant updating and tweaking: A keyword that was relevant months ago may not be as popular anymore while you will also discover new terms that you may not have considered before. These continuous changes can be related to seasonality effects, new trends or other external events on the store. Whatever the causes of these keyword movements, tracking your competitors keywords will help you understand their strategy and react quickly.

To illustrate this we suggest to take a closer look at the latest trending topic : Disney +. As Simon, one of our ASO Experts, explained in a recent blog, Disney + has had a pretty successful launch in the US with most of its traffic coming from its brand name and store featurings but not so much from generic search terms.

This remaining opportunity for even more visibility will be a topic to follow as Disney + has not yet explored all its options for its ASO strategy, and could turn its focus to generic search in weeks and months to come.

Unique keywords of Disney against Netflix - AppTweak ASO tool

Unique keywords of Disney against Netflix

This shows that Disney + is doing very little efforts in keyword optimization. The current strategy will favour competitors in the streaming industry for some time until the giant starts investing in keyword optimisation. Tracking the Opportunity Keywords of Disney + will allow streaming apps to react as soon as Disney decides to expand the ASO strategy.

We hope this article raised your curiosity and you can’t wait to discover this feature for yourself! With the Opportunity Keywords, we really tried to put more emphasis on the competition side of keyword research. Now it’s your turn to make sure that you are covering all of your competitors’ keywords!

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by ,  Junior Product Manager at AppTweak

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