App Store Algorithm Change Detector 13 July 2024

Monitor Apple & Google Play Store algorithm updates and get more insights into sudden keyword ranking movements.

Are your keyword rankings fluctuating a lot lately? Did your app suddenly unrank for certain keywords? Check out if you're the only one or if your app rankings are impacted by a major update to the Apple or Google Play algorithm.

How to use our Algorithm Change Detector?

Select the store (App Store or Google Play Store), the country and date range you want to investigate. The peaks in the chart indicate we’ve detected unusual keyword ranking movements, suggesting an app store algorithm change on that specific date.

  • Anomaly Score

    The two red lines represent the thresholds of unusual behaviour on the Apple or Google Play Store. If the anomaly score (blue line) is above the +3 threshold, the amount of keyword movements is unusually high.

  • Map view

    When you detect an algorithm change in a specific country, you can switch to the world map view to immediately see which other countries were affected by the update. Adjust the date and discover which countries were affected over a 3 day window.

Is your app impacted by an algorithm update?

Do you think your app was impacted by an algorithm update? Use our set of ASO tools to understand which keywords you gained or lost rankings on and how this update impacted your competitors:

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