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How to Identify and Track Branded Keywords on AppTweak

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We’ve finally released our Brand algorithm that identifies if a keyword is branded or not. The brand tag will help you rapidly identify keywords that are already “occupied” by an app, helping you focus your efforts on more “available” keywords.

AppTweak identifies branded keywords

If you’re performing a keyword research on AppTweak, you’ll see that we now indicate if the keyword you’ve added to your keyword list is branded or not. For every keyword you add to the list, we show you a little “B” next to it if the keyword is a brand.

AppTweak ASO Tool indicates if keyword is branded or not

Example of keywords branded vs. generic keywords in AppTweak keyword analysis tool

In addition, AppTweak also shows you the app of the given brand. If you put your mouse over the brand tag, you’ll see the app we’ve associated to the given keyword.

AppTweak ASO Tool indicates if keyword is branded and its associated app

AppTweak indicates the app that is associated to the brand tag in its keyword analysis tool

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Using the Brand tag in your ASO Routine

Adding branded terms to your metadata (i.e. in your app’s keyword field on iOS, or your app’s description on Android) is forbidden by both the App and Play Store and can result in having your app banished from the store, or (in most cases) from the search results of that branded term.

Apple App Store Review Guidelines (paragraph 2.3.7 and paragraph 5.2.1)
Google Play Store Developer Policy Center

That said, many apps use generic keywords in their title, and these terms have now become brands. For instance, one could say that “hotels” is a brand, referring to the app Apple and Google can’t forbid you to go after such terms. However, when you’re looking for new keywords for your app to target, being aware of the keywords that are “branded” can come in very handy and really save you some time and effort.

Example of brand keywords that look generic on the AppTweak ASO Tool

Examples of branded keywords that look generic on AppTweak

Optimizing your App Title: Keywords vs Brand Name

In its keyword analysis table, AppTweak shows you if a keyword is branded or not. Our algorithm associates an app to a keyword if that app uses that word in its title and has been consistently ranking n°1 in its search results (see below for more details on how we calculate brand). You’ll sometimes be surprised to find that a keyword is actually the App Name of an well-known app. We generally don’t recommend to go after these words since they already “belong” to another app, especially if that app has a higher App Power than yours.

Example of brand keywords that look generic and their associated app on the AppTweak ASO Tool

Examples of branded keywords that look generic and their associated app on AppTweak

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t add the keyword to your app’s metadata. If the word isn’t a trademark, it is relevant to your app and it leads to interesting keyword combinations, go for it! But it’s good to keep in mind that your app will probably not rank n°1 on that word since another app uses it as App Title. That app will probably always convert better on the keyword than yours since it’s its brand name.

For instance, the keyword “candy” doesn’t sound like a brand, however, the game Candy Crush Saga totally owns this word and any game that wants to target the word “candy” will probably have a very tough time ranking n°1 on that term. That doesn’t mean a game cannot target “candy”, there are many keyword combinations with “candy” that are probably worth fighting for, but if you’re looking for a cool name for your new game, maybe you’re better off focusing on a keyword that isn’t already associated to an app.

Top mobile organic search results on candy over the last 15 days in US Apple Store - AppTweak

The Candy Crush Saga Franchise has been consistently ranking in top results for the word “candy”, making it difficult for other apps to rank high on this keyword.

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Another great thing AppTweak allows you to do thanks to the brand tag, is to filter out the brand keywords from your keyword analysis. This again can save you a lot of time and give you better ASO insights.

In just a click, you can filter out all branded keywords, to focus only on the generic keywords. For instance, if you use our picking tools to analyze a large of selection of keywords, you might want to remove all branded terms before going further into your analysis. This will allow you to monitor your app’s performance on generic keyword exclusively.

Using Brand and Non-brand filters in AppTweak ASO Tool keyword analysis

We created a list of food delivery related keywords and then compared the results by filtering brand keywords vs. generic keywords only.

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How we identify if a keyword is branded

In order to define whether a keyword is branded or not, we take the following elements into account:

  • Is keyword in App Title: we first look if the given keyword matches (or is very similar to) the beginning of an app’s title.
  • The app’s App Power: if we find an app that has a title close to the keyword, we then check its App Power. Apps with a very low app power are not considered.
  • The app’s rank on the keyword: we also check that the app has been ranking consistently 1st on that keyword. If an app doesn’t manage to rank n°1 on a keyword, then we cannot consider that the keyword is its brand.

Now that you have a better idea of how to interpret this new brand tag, we’d love to hear your feedback! Of course, this is only a V1 of our brand algorithm and it is very likely to be improved thanks to your comments. So feel free to share your thoughts!

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