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Laurie Galazzoby 
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This is probably one of the biggest news we ever announced…

AppTweak is the first ASO tool providing the exact Keyword Search Popularity as provided by the Apple App Store!

Wait no longer and benefit from this huge opportunity to boost your app’s discoverability and stand out from your competitors. All details below.

Keywords Search Volume, Now 100% Accurate on AppTweak

Data accuracy is our main concern at AppTweak. Since always, we have tried to provide our users with the most accurate Search Volume estimation by providing a constantly evolving unique formula integrating multiple parameters.

Since September 28th 2016, Apple has kept secret the keyword Search Volume. However, with the introduction of Apple Search Ads, Apple has unveiled the Search Popularity for any keyword in 60 different countries.

Apple Search Ads Advanced Keyword Search Popularity

Example of the Search Popularity score as it is shown in Apple Search Ads Advanced (United States).

Search Popularity is a relative indicator of a keyword’s popularity in App Store searches. This indicator is very helpful in order to make an effective keyword selection as it tells which keywords drive the most traffic and might be worth targeting.

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Getting a sense of the “volume” of a keyword has been awaited for a long (long) time by any App Store player. Not only is this new KPI helpful for Search Ads keywords, but it is also very insightful for App Store Optimization (ASO). Indeed, keyword optimization is one of the main challenges in ASO as it implies finding relevant, low-competition but also popular keywords.

Good news for you: this precious indicator has already been added to the AppTweak Keyword Tool and it is now available for all 60 supported countries. Whatever the keyword you add (single keywords, keyword combinations, long-tail keywords, etc.), AppTweak will return its the Apple Search Popularity giving you a sense of that keyword’s popularity.

AppTweak ASO Tool shows Apple Exact Search Volume per keyword

Apple’s exact search volume shown in AppTweak ASO Tool (United States)

In addition to the current volume, AppTweak also registers a keyword’s Search Popularity on a daily basis so that you can see if the keyword has recently gained or lost in popularity.

AppTweak ASO Tool - Volume history of the keyword

Volume history of the keyword “travel planner” from December 8th 2020 to March 9th 2021.

In the example above, we can see that the keyword “travel planner” is gradually gaining in popularity: from 29 to 34 in 3 months. Keeping an eye on the volume of your app’s top keywords is essential to make sure you’re always targeting the optimal set of keywords.

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Hurry up! Go and Update your ASO Keywords!

If you’re willing to increase your App Store visibility and your app users, don’t wait any longer.

Getting a precise indication of a keyword’s Volume of Searches is extremely helpful as it tells you which keywords are often searched and typed by App Store users. You will therefore have more chances of driving organic traffic to your app through high-volume keywords than with unpopular terms.

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Again, make sure to choose highly relevant keywords that are not too competitive. For that, check our Competition and KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) indicators before making your keywords selection.

Where can I find the Volume indicator on AppTweak?

The Search Popularity of a keyword is shown in the Keyword Analysis table under the Volume column. To see the volume of a keyword, simply add that word to your analysis table. Go on your app’s ASO report, click on the “Keywords” tab and go to the “Keywords Analysis” tab to view any keyword’s Search Popularity.

Don’t miss out on another killer indicator: installs per keyword. AppTweak estimates the number of installs your app (or your competitors) is getting from a specific keyword in a given country.

Share your feedback on these indicators with us!

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