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Get alerts when unusual keyword movements are detected!

Flavien Eyer by ,  Product Manager at AppTweak AppTweak Releases

A couple of months ago we introduced you to our new feature “Smart Insights”, it helps you get alerted when your app (or a competitor) is featured, changes one of its metadata, receives an unusual number of reviews & ratings or when we detect an algo change in a country in which you follow apps. However, there was one more insight we know you might be interested in: keyword movements! A way to get notified when unusual ranking movements are detected for the keywords you follow.

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Don’t miss out any important keyword ranking movements

We know it is sometimes difficult to follow all your app’s keyword movements on a daily basis. You never know when something interesting may occur and you can’t check every single keyword movement everyday. With this new smart insight, tracking keywords becomes easier.

For each insight, you will see for which keywords your app has had an unusual ranking movement. You will also be able to understand what rank movement occurred as well as the number of installs we predicted you will win or lose from it.

Keywords in Smart insightsIn the example above, I’m following some keywords for the app Candy Crush Friends Saga in the United States on the App store. As you can see, we detected a negative movement for the keyword “king” which is the name of its publisher. The app lost 4 rankings on the 9th of November which resulted in a loss of approximately 12 daily installs. After noticing an impact you can directly go to the keyword tool and see in the live search of the keyword which apps gained ranks on you.

In our example, we notice that we only find king’s apps before Candy Crush Friends saga meaning that, at least, these positions were taken by the other games from the same publisher. This can also be problematic if the publisher wishes to put more emphasis on a specific game.

The best thing about the keywords smart insight is that no set up is needed. We will automatically look at all your keywords and see if something interesting is going on! Be sure to check our notification menu to see if you already got new keyword movements insights!

However, to be sure you don’t miss out on all these insights, you may want to activate your slack or email notifications. You simply have to select the apps you want to be regularly informed on.

What’s underneath this insight… 🤔

The formula

You may ask yourself “Wait, what is an unusual keyword movement?”. Indeed, we know it can be a real hassle if you receive too many irrelevant insights. This is why, to trigger an insight we take into account different indicators with different thresholds depending on the app’s app power. Let’s dive in the details of our formula!

For each keyword in your keywords lists we will look at three different indicators:

  • Yesterday’s volume of a keyword
  • Yesterday’s ranking
  • Ranking movement (D-1’s ranking vs. D-2’s ranking)

Based on these 3 indicators, we will compute a score that will tell us if we send you or not an insight. It is important to keep in mind that positive and negative movements are taken into account but these opposite movements won’t be canceled out since we take absolute numbers to compute the score.

In order to trigger an insight, every app will not have to reach the same score. Indeed, the app power is also something that will come into play to compute the different thresholds. If you follow an app with a high app power, it will need bigger ranking movements from keywords with higher volumes. This method will allow you to receive very relevant insights, adapted to each app.

The insight’s intensity

Depending on the level of intensity of these movements, we established 3 thresholds to determine if an insight is low, medium or high. We established them by analysing the apps’ average scores. To give you an idea of what a low, medium or high impact insight will look like, here is a selection:

Low impact:

Medium impact:

High impact:

As you can see with the examples above for apps with an app power between 90 and 100, a low impact insight is generally defined by a smaller number of keyword movements and with lower volumes and ranking movements. On the other hand, you can see that with medium and high impact insights, you will see more keywords with higher ranking movements. When we compare the install movements you clearly see that the low impact insights show a total decrease of more than 250 daily installs, the medium impact one indicates an increase of more than 500 and finally the high impact one shows an decrease of more than 1800. Therefore, these different impact status will indicate how important the insight is and how much you should pay attention to it.

Activate your smart insights notifications now!

After reading this blog we hope you got all hyped to discover this new insight! This feature will help you follow your keywords’ performance and get alerted once we notice anything abnormal. This will allow you to adapt your strategy in real time or pinpoint keywords you need to monitor carefully on the App and Play Store.

To make the most of this feature, don’t forget to activate your email or slack notifications to receive alerts in real-time!

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on this new addition! More is coming…🤭

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Flavien Eyer

by ,  Product Manager at AppTweak

Flavien is a Product Manager at AppTweak. He works daily to make sure AppTweak stays the best ASO tool. He is also passionate about theater and hates coriander.