Boost App Growth with iOS 15 In-App Events

Apple’s new iOS 15 In-App Events feature is a game-changer! This new feature, already widely adopted by the most popular apps and games, opens a variety of new ways for app marketers to increase app visibility and user engagement in the App Store.

AppTweak’s guide “Boost App Growth with iOS 15 In-App Events” will walk you through this new feature, and provide practical examples of how apps and games have been using in-app events complemented with exclusive data from AppTweak.

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What you'll find inside

What you'll find inside
  1. A detailed exploration of the ins and outs of in-app events

    Discover why Apple’s in-app events already become a favorite among app marketers

  2. In-app events usage data

    First-hand data uncovering how the most popular apps and games have adopted in-app events.

  3. How are apps and games using in-app events?

    Uncover how this iOS 15 feature is being utilized by other apps and games to optimize their visibility in the app store and increase user engagement (with examples!)

  4. A comprehensive description of each step of your in-app event creation

    Understand how you can create and optimize your in-app events for success with best practices and expert advice.

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