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All ASO Intelligence Data Now Available via API

Marie-Laure Cruytby 
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Hurray! All AppTweak data can now be accessed via API. Thanks to our RESTful API, you can fetch worldwide ASO data of any app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Accessing data through an API can be very handy for your reporting, or to get insights that go beyond the AppTweak tool. It’s also a great opportunity to pull regular data automatically.

Check out our new API website for more info!

Whether you’re a developer looking to build a new intelligence software; an app marketer looking to report on your app’s global performance; or a market analyst conducting a market research; this API is for you. You will be able to integrate the data of more than 3 million apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, access performance indicators, and examine market and app store trends worldwide.

App Store Intelligence API – Data and format

The AppTweak API is designed around REST principles and returns results as JSON files.

The data available includes App metadata in more than 70 countries, the Apple and Google Top Charts, the Reviews and Ratings of any app on the store, the ranking history of an app on a list of keywords or in a category, the download estimations of an app per country and lots of cool keyword insights like keyword stats (volume, competition etc.) and keyword suggestions.

Depending on the data you’d like to fetch, you will need to indicate a series of parameters to define your request. All successful responses return a valid minified JSON document. The JSON document is a hash which contains the response content and metadata about the request and about the response itself. The document can then be uploaded to any reporting tool like Tableau or Qlik for data visualization and reporting.

AppTweak ASO Intelligence API Response format example Response Example of a Ratings request on the iOS Facebook app between October 1st 2018 and October 3rd 2018.

App Store Intelligence API – How to build a request

To get started with AppTweak’s API, you will first need to create an account in order to receive your API key. The API key is a secret token that needs to be indicated in any request you make, in order to associate the request to your account and validate you have access to the data.

You then need to specify from which store you would like to fetch the data. The API supports both the Apple App Store (ios) and the Google Play Store (android).

Finally, you complete the request with the name of the request you’d like to make and the required parameters.

AppTweak ASO Intelligence API Request example
Example of a request structure to fetch an app’s metadata or the category rankings on iOS and Android

Of course, every possible request is documented online. We give you the list of required parameters to perform the request, with an indication of the default value returned if the parameter is left empty. For each request, a request example and response example is also shown, so that you have a better idea how to formulate your request and what answer to expect.

AppTweak API ASO Intelligence documentation exampleExample of the documentation provided for the App Metadata request (iOS)

Most requests require to specify a country or language using a country or language code. Here again, all the codes we use are minutely documented.

App Store Intelligence API – Usage Examples

Retrieving filtered Reviews

With the AppTweak API, you can opt to pull data that is already available in the AppTweak Tool on a regular and automated basis. Here’s an example of how we pulled the reviews of the Uber app according to certain filters.

AppTweak ASO Intelligence API integrated with Google Sheets - Fetch filtered reviews for an app

After a small integration with Google Sheets, we wrote a script that pulls the reviews of an app, filtered by keywords and over a date range. Using the API we got the report of all Uber reviews (iOS US) that mention the words ‘driver’, ‘bug’ or ‘ride’. We first specified the filters to apply in the initial sheet before launching the script. Once the script has run, a new tab opens with the list of the corresponding reviews.

This exercise can come in handy if you wish to regularly pull reviews that answer a specific criterion. For instance, you can pull reviews with a low score to for monitoring purposes in order to better understand why users are leaving bad reviews on your app.

Top Charts over time

On AppTweak, you can access the Top Charts of any country and category (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). The results shown in our tool are fetched live.

If you wish to monitor how the Top Charts change in a given country, you can pull this data using the Top Charts request and keep the results in a Google Sheet for instance. You will then be able to see how the Top Charts change from one day to another. You can even choose to highlight specific apps (your apps or your major competitors).

Here again, we wrote a little script that enables us to pull the Top Charts of the day and paste them in a Google Sheet. Each time we run the script, an additional column is added with the new date, so that you can compare the rankings with the previous dates.

In the first sheet, we specify the Stores and Categories we would like to fetch the Top Charts for. Once the script runs, a tab is created for each Category and a column is added for each date the Top Charts were fetched on.

Identify your app’s ASO competitors

You probably have a clear idea of who your main competitors are, but using AppTweak’s API, you can go one step further to identify which apps are most visible on a list of important keywords for your app. Although the identified apps might not be direct competitors, they are definitely very present on your app’s main keywords and probably worth monitoring too.

AppTweak ASO Intelligence API integrated with Google Sheets - ASO competitors

In this script, we specified the list of keywords on which we’d like to do the research and their corresponding country and language. As soon as the script is launched, the request returns a list of competing apps and the number of times they appeared in the top 10 results of the list of keywords. The results are separated by country (columns).

This little hack is great to see which apps are most visible on a list of very relevant keywords.

SEO Tools for Excel

Another example of what can be done with our API is the SEO tool Niels Bosma created. SEO Tools for Excel is an excel plugin that helps you bring your SEO and ASO work to the next level. With this plugin, you can easily import data to excel and create exhaustive reports and dashboards.

SEO Tools has been integrated with AppTweak, so you can import all of your apps’ and keywords’ data to excel in a structured layout in just a few clicks. Check it out!

SEO Tools for excel integrated with AppTweak API

SEO Tools for excel integrated with AppTweak API

App Store Intelligence API – Pricing

AppTweak’s API does not require having an AppTweak account, it is open to everyone. The price is based on the number of credits you consume each month. Each request is assigned a number of credits, that are discounted from your API key as you perform a request.

Our first plan gives access to 100 credits per month for free. If you wish to have access to more credits, you can select the plan that best suits your needs.

AppTweak ASO Intelligence API - Customers
Some of our customers that already use our API

Start fetching the App and Market data you’re looking for now!

So now that you have an idea of what you can do with our API, I’m sure you’re impatient to get your hands dirty. The API opens a million of possibilities in terms of data reporting and visualization. Get your API key now and start playing with the free credits available!

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