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How to convince your team to invest in ASO

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How to convince your team to invest in ASO

Annual worldwide app downloads have grown 45% in the last 3 years to a record of 204 billion, according to App Annie. In-app and subscription spend in both gaming and non-gaming tops $120 billion worldwide and grew 105% in the last 3 years in the US alone. Consumers spend 3.7 hours a day on mobile, up 35% from 2 years ago. The trends are clear; today businesses have to think mobile first. App Store Optimization is an important part of the mobile growth stack and if you are not investing in ASO you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app!

What is ASO?

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of improving an app’s visibility in the app stores with the objective to increase organic app downloads. Apps are more visible when they rank high on a wide variety of search terms or get featured by the store.

ASO focusses mostly on two pillars: keyword optimization and conversion rate optimization. A solid keyword optimization strategy will result in higher rankings. Great conversion rate optimization tactics will make sure the increased visibility leads to more app downloads.

Why is ASO Important?

65% of all apps are discovered through app store searches

Nearly 65% of all apps are discovered through app store searches. That means that if you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s keyword rankings you are missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app!

aso search stats

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The division between downloads from branded vs generic keywords varies strongly app by app. Famous brands like Uber receive almost 90% of downloads from branded keywords or misspellings. But other apps like Daily Yoga, Colorify and Elevate Brain Training receive up to 76% of downloads from a generic keyword. It’s crucial for these apps to understand app store search behaviour, choose keywords with the highest volume to maximize visibility and optimize creatives to convert app store visitors into users.

branded vs generic keyword distribution

Branded vs Generic Keyword Distribution for Daily Yoga, Colorify and Elevate.

An optimized app listing will lead to lower CPI’s

All users go through your app page at some point. Whether users land on your app page via search ads, native ads or social media ads, your app page plays a major role in convincing these users to download your app. It is crucial all app page assets are aligned with your marketing efforts and at the same time optimize conversion rate. A higher conversion rate will ultimately lead to lower CPI’s.

Most marketers and publishers dream to have their app featured, but with more than 2 million apps in the app store, the opportunity only comes to very few. A solid ASO strategy is necessary to increase your chances of getting noticed by app store editors! This includes:

  • Strong creatives that explain what your app is about.
  • A video that shows users what to expect when downloading your app.
  • A localized app listing in each country. Localizing means more than just translating, apps need to be targeting the right keywords and creative needs to correspond with local preferences.
  • A solid review strategy. Both stores want to provide the best experience to their users and will only feature apps that have a great rating.

To learn more about the impact of featurings, have a look at this case study of Medisafe. Their app downloads grew 850% worldwide after getting featured in the Apple App Store.

Case Study: How app downloads increased 850% after getting featured

Your peers are doing it, don’t get left behind

Well, maybe you’re not convinced yet ASO is a must, but most app marketers are. In fact AppTweak data shows that over the last year the top 30 apps in the Shopping Category updated their icon more than 4 times, top apps in the Photo & Video Category updated their subtitle more than twice and apps in the Food & Drink Category updated screenshots more than 11 times. Don’t get left behind and keep a close eye on your existing competitors but also new entrants!

metadata update benchmarks in the app stores

Metadata update benchmarks in the Apple App Store for the Food & Drink, Education, Photo & Video, Shopping, Games - Puzzle & Games Casual Category.

Learn more about AppTweak’s competition monitoring features

Impact of ASO

Need some stats to convince your team to invest in ASO? Have a look at the following examples highlighting the impact on organic downloads as a result of a title update, icon A/B test or screenshot revamp.

52% increase in visibility after title update

CSR 2, a racing game updated its title in the Google Play store from ‘CSR Racing 2 - #1 in Racing Games’ to ‘CSR Racing 2 - #1 in Car Racing Games’ (they added the keyword ‘car’). As a result the game gained many rankings on long tail keywords with ‘car’. For example rankings for ‘car racing games’ increased from 8 to 1! In total, the visibility of the app on long-tail combinations with ‘car’ increased 52% since the title update.

increase in visibility after title update

Visibility Score for CSR 2 in the Google Play Store after title update.

6% uplift after testing icon for dark mode

Deezer, a popular music streaming service, carried out an A/B test with their icon. They tested two different hypotheses - black background vs white background and brand name vs no brand name. The icon with the black background and brand name resulted in a downloads increase of 6%. Likely the black background appealed more to users using Dark Mode settings. Also including the brand name makes the app stand out in the app store search results which helped increase conversion rates.

The icon with the black background and brand name resulted in a 6% uplift

+300 daily installs in France when updating screenshots for seasonality

When updating its screenshots in December as part of a broader Holiday campaign, Deezer saw an increase in daily downloads of more than 300 for two weeks straight. For the campaign they worked with French artists to create covers of famous Christmas songs to create the ultimate Holiday playlist ‘Le Grand Noel’. App Store creative was updated to reflect this campaign and increase conversion rate.

Screenshot update from the Deezer app in the Apple App Store in France during the 2019 holiday season.


In short, if you are not investing in ASO you are ignoring a crucial part of the mobile growth stack. Not only is app store search the main way users discover new apps, an optimized app listing will ultimately increase your UA performance and increase app store browse traffic.

Why is ASO important?

  • 65% of all apps are discovered through app store searches
  • An optimized app listing will lead to lower CPI’s
  • To get featured in the app stores you need to have a solid ASO strategy
  • Your peers are doing it, don’t get left behind

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