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Build your app's keyword list in just a click

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Tired of constantly looking for new keywords for your app? Out of inspiration on which keywords you should be targeting in your ASO? Our new Keyword Brainstorm List generator is here to help! In just a click, you can access 100 keywords related to your app and get started with your ASO.

Building a Brainstorm list: the first steps to your ASO

The first step of your keyword optimization process should always start by building a list of 100 to 200 keywords related to your app. This is what we call a brainstorm list. To build a good brainstorm list, you need to think wide: what keywords are potentially related to your app? Check the competition, put yourself in your users’ shoes, and think out of the box in order to find a broad range of relevant keywords.

Of course, building a 100-keyword brainstorm list can be a tedious task. That’s why, at AppTweak, we built an algorithm that fetches up to 100 keywords related to your app in just a click!

How does it work? Thanks to the data it has accumulated over the past years, AppTweak will identify thousands of keywords related to your app or apps similar to yours. It will then analyze each of these words to keep only the most relevant and those with significant volume. Once the analysis is ready, a new keyword list is created for the analyzed app, with up to 100 related keywords.

Below are two examples of brainstorm lists for the apps and Runtastic. We only show a glimpse of the full list.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Brainstorm list for

Examples of keywords from the Brainstorm list for

AppTweak ASO Tool: Brainstorm list for Runtastic

Examples of keywords from the Brainstorm list for Runtastic

Automatically generate a brainstorm list in a couple of clicks

So how do you generate a brainstorm list in AppTweak? To access this feature, you will need a Power or Enterprise plan.

In the Keywords tab, you’ll find a new button just above your keyword list:

AppTweak ASO Tool: Brainstorm list generator
Where to find the Brainstorm List generator in AppTweak.

As soon as you click and confirm, AppTweak starts analyzing thousands of keywords to identify those that are most relevant to your app and that have a significant volume. This can take a couple of minutes, but you can keep using the keyword tool meanwhile. You’ll find the Brainstorm list amongst your keyword lists.

AppTweak ASO Tool: generation of a keyword Brainstorm listBrainstorm list in process…

As soon as the list is ready, a little notification will appear on your keyword list, and your Brainstorm list will be accessible.

AppTweak ASO Tool: Where to find the keyword brainstorm list
Brainstorm list is ready.

Next Steps: Identify the keywords with the highest potential for your app

Once you have your brainstorm list, you then need to identify which keywords have the best potential for your app. Those are the words you need to focus on and add to your app’s metadata. Not all keywords in the brainstorm list are worth targetting, focus on the most relevant, and with the best volume.

Here are a couple of blog articles to help identify the best keywords for your app’s ASO:

In a word

Our new Brainstorm list generator will help you create a list of up to 100 relevant keywords related to your app in just a click. This will save you precious time in your ASO routine, it’s also a great source for further keyword inspiration. Try it out now!

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by ,  CPO at AppTweak

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