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Increased Organic Downloads on Google Play more than 450% with ASO

Find out how Superscale increased organic downloads for the game Tiny Tower by NimbleBit more than 450% on Google Play by implementing an elaborate app store optimization (ASO) strategy.

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SuperScale is a full-funnel growth platform that helps games and blockchain apps reach their maximum business potential and bring new audiences to the metaverse.


Superscale was tasked with growing the userbase of Nimblebit’s Flagship game Tiny Tower. At first Superscale implemented a paid user acquisition strategy to increase downloads. However, the traffic and conversion results weren’t satisfying due to Tiny Tower’s outdated product page which dated back to 2011. Therefor, Superscale decided to first focus on improving the game’s product page and organic visibility. Bringing NimbleBit’s game to modern players, while maintaining its originality, was challenging.


To optimize Tiny Tower’s app store page, SuperScale implemented an ASO strategy, focussing on both creative and keyword optimization. SuperScale relied on AppTweak’s ASO tool to perform diligent market and competitor research before updating Tiny Tower’s Google Play Store listing.

1. Improving app title and description

Superscale used AppTweak’s Keyword Research & Suggestion Tools to identify relevant keywords to include in Tiny Tower’s metadata. Thanks to AppTweak’s extensive competition monitoring features they could extend their research and easily spot missed opportunities and keyword gaps with competitors. This research was crucial to increasing Tiny Tower’s organic growth, in spite of its low category ranking.

2. Testing app icons and screenshots

After Tiny Tower's title and descriptions were optimized, SuperScale turned to creative optimization. For this, SuperScale used AppTweak’s ASO Timeline feature to analyze competitors' updates and A/B tests over time.

Tracking competitors helped SuperScale correctly benchmark Tiny Tower against other games. Competitive benchmarking was key in the process of creating and testing new creative assets, such as promo videos, characters, background scenes, and feature graphics. Moreover, by monitoring competitors’ metadata changes over time, the SuperScale team understood the importance of updating creative assets every month in order to keep up with the competition in the gaming industry. 

After spying on competitors’ data and creating new creative assets, SuperScale set up A/B and A/B/C tests to see how different screenshots, icons, and color palettes performed against the competition.


SuperScale successfully optimized Tiny Tower’s app page and organic visibility with the support of AppTweak. The game’s conversion rate improved by 6,4% after completing a successful A/B test on Google Play.

Before and After versions of the TinyTower icon
Testing different icon variants of Tiny Tower

Downloads coming from search traffic increased 25% in the weeks after the title and description update. Because of the investment in creative and keyword optimization, Tiny Tower was featured across the Play Store more often. As a result, download from Google Play Explore skyrocketed and grew more than 454%.

Histogram showing evolution over time of Store listing acquisitions, with a strong increase after descriptions changes
Android Store Listing Acquisition

SuperScale is now planning to use the learnings gained from the optimization of Tiny Tower’s app page to optimize other apps in Nimblebit’s portfolio.

Milan Strba, Head of Growth Marketing

Milan Strba, Head of Growth Marketing

We chose to complement our proprietary software and internal expert knowledge with AppTweak. Our choice was based on AppTweak’s user-friendliness. The tool is robust yet so easy to navigate. AppTweak helped us with:

  • Increasing team proactivity and creativity by spying on the competition 
  • All insights in one tool
  • Instant analysis of the insights gained

Features used

Keyword Research & Suggestions Tools

Find the search terms users use most when searching in the app stores.

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Competition Monitoring

Monitor your competitor metadata updates and detect when they are running A/B tests on Google Play.

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ASO Timeline

Learn from your competitor’s metadata updates or spy on their mobile app A/B tests.

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  • You can't beat the amount of keywords that AppTweak gives you compared to competitors in the space.

    Tim Jones

    Product Marketing, Growth at Keepsafe
  • AppTweak conveys a startup culture of building the best user experience for managing ASO activities.

    Moshi Blum

    User Acquisition and Growth at Viber
  • AppTweak answered our need to improve not only our organic installs but also our overall conversion of page views to installs.

    Elizaveta Kostyukhina

    Head of User Acquisition at Supersolid

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