ASO Beginner's Handbook to Boost Your App's Visibility

Are you new to app store optimization? In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about ASO, app store ranking signals, how ASO is different for the App Store & Google Play, and expert tips on how to get started.

ASO Beginners Guide - guide cover

What you'll find inside

What you'll find inside
  1. What is ASO and why is it important?

    Understanding App Store Optimization (ASO) and using it to help improve an app’s visibility in the app stores.

  2. What are the ASO ranking signals?

    Identifying the main factors that the app stores take into account when deciding which app to rank.

  3. Main differences between ASO in the App Store and Google Play

    Analyse how ASO is unique to the App Store and Google Play and have different impacts on keyword rankings and conversion rate optimization.

  4. Expert tips on how to get started with ASO

    Learn how to audit competitor’s performance, tips for keyword research, and how to optimize creative elements and localization.

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First-class tips and best practices from our ASO experts.

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