ASA Playbook

How to optimize budget utilization & scale downloads

Search accounts for 75% of all of SoundCloud’s downloads, making it by far their primary acquisition channel. But SoundCloud struggled to effectively scale their ASA campaigns, with spending reaching only 56% of the daily budgets.

SoundCloud teamed up with AppTweak’s App Growth Consultants and data scientists. Discover their step-by-step approach that almost doubled monthly installs.

ASA Playbook: How to optimize budget
utilization & scale

What you'll find inside

What you'll find inside
  1. Measuring cannibalization

    Discover how we measured cannibalization and helped SoundCloud shift budget from brand defense campaigns to keyword discovery campaigns.

  2. Optimizing campaign structure

    A healthy campaign starts with a well-structured campaign. Find out how we optimized SoundCloud’s campaign structure for more efficient budget optimization.

  3. Optimizing campaign performance with automation

    Discover the specific automation rules the team implemented to effectively manage keyword bids and lower CPI (Cost per Install).

  4. Expanding reach

    Find out how AppTweak was able to reach 97% budget utilization and double downloads with smart keyword research


Discover our methodology & step-by-step approach.

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