A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Product Pages and Custom Store Listings

Read this handbook to know what custom product pages and custom store listings (their Google Play counterpart) offer. We will walk you through practical ways to use these features for promoting your app and share some key insights to consider, making sure you get the most out of these personalized pages.

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What you'll find inside

What you'll find inside
  1. Dive into the basics of custom pages

    Learn what custom pages are, the differences between CPPs and CSLs, their roles on the App Store and Google Play, and why they're valuable. Get insights into crafting effective custom pages.

  2. Uncover custom page opportunities for your app

    Discover how to leverage segmentation while planning your custom page strategies. Understand how you can utilize ASO data, search insights, and user reviews to identify relevant user segments for custom pages.

  3. Learn how to choose the right custom pages for your app

    Find out if the target audience is likely to engage with your custom pages, and how to boost Apple Search Ads with CPPs.

  4. Design custom pages and measure their impact

    Build impactful custom pages to boost your app's visibility. Experiment with successful designs, both on and off custom pages, for overall app success.

  5. Unlock special use cases with custom pages

    Learn how to track unattributed installs, cut store console noise on Google Play with CPPs, and optimize custom pages for better performance.

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