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We have HUGE news! With the shared goal of educating the ASO community, AppTweak has partnered with Phiture to co-author the 2022 edition of Advanced App Store Optimization, your complete guide to all things ASO.

The first edition of the book, co-authored by Phiture and Incipia in 2018, sold thousands of copies around the world. Now in 2022, Phiture and AppTweak present an extensive revamp of this indispensable guide to highlight the current state of our fast-changing industry.

Revamping Advanced App Store Optimization: The Complete Guide to ASO (2018)

In 2018, Phiture and Incipia co-authored Advanced App Store Optimization: The Complete Guide to ASO, with this first edition going on to sell thousands of copies around the globe. Spanning 370 pages, the book became a staple in the world of App Store Optimization.

However, our ever-moving landscape has experienced various changes since 2018. With algorithm changes, new features, and more advanced functionalities on both the App Store and Google Play, the need to update this leading ASO resource has intensified over the years.

“In this big endeavor to get the 2018 version up to the 2022 App Store Optimization standards, we were fortunate to get the help of our talented friends on the AppTweak team. The result is a fantastic 600 pages, counting all-encompassing work for App Store Optimization practitioners around the globe.” Moritz Daan, Co-Founder & Partner at Phiture

Weekly Zoom call between Phiture, AppTweak, and Haystack Reviews, coauthors of the Advanced App Store Optimization book.Weekly Zoom call between Phiture, AppTweak, and Haystack Reviews (picture from November 15, 2021).

What to expect from Advanced App Store Optimization (2022)

Advanced App Store Optimization covers everything you need to know to master ASO. The book’s collaborators from Phiture, AppTweak, Haystack Reviews, and more, come together to provide expert insights, tips, and app growth strategies. With content divided into 8 chapters of in-depth and up-to-date discussions, you’ll be able to learn more about every major ASO-related topic, including:

  • Introduction to App Store Optimization: Learn about the history and evolution of App Store Optimization.
  • Increasing Visibility: Drive app awareness by leveraging a solid keyword optimization strategy, getting featured on the stores, or through other discoverability means.
  • Increasing Conversion: Learn how to structure your conversion rate optimization work and conduct effective research, create impactful store assets, and accurately measure your changes.
  • Localization and Seasonality: Address a global audience through localization to grow your user base worldwide. Understand the importance of (and learn how to benefit from) app store seasonality.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Learn how to create a convincing strategy to improve ratings and reviews by choosing the right trigger, designing your prompts, and replying to reviews.
  • Store Promotional Tools and Customer Information: Understand how to capitalize on the promotional tools available via app store consoles & developer tools, including new iOS 15 marketing features.
  • Performance Reporting Dashboards and ASO Tools: Discover how to create valuable reporting dashboards and learn about the range of ASO-related tools that can facilitate your work.
  • Guide to Apple Search Ads: Deep dive into Apple Search Ads; learn how to use ASA effectively to improve your ASO strategy.

“Our strong partnership with Phiture is the result of our shared cultural values and commitment to ASO education. We are very proud to have collaborated on Advanced App Store Optimization to provide the ASO community with an updated version of this fundamental resource.” Olivier Verdin, CEO at AppTweak

Expert insights from the ASO community, for the ASO community

At the heart of the e-book is one compelling mission: To provide expert insights from the ASO community, for the ASO community. The book symbolizes the collective learning that lies at the heart of our industry, promoting research, innovation, and community engagement. To exemplify this, the Advanced App Store Optimization book consists of:

  • 600 pages of compelling, insightful, and easy-to-read content that will add value to your understanding of ASO.
  • 30 pro tips highlighting industry best practices.
  • 35 data/case studies leveraging our deep learning algorithms to highlight actionable insights.
  • 20+ contributors drawing on collaborations between Phiture, AppTweak, Haystack Reviews, and more.

At the beginning of 2021, AppTweak announced the development of our business relationship with Phiture. Having co-hosted the ASO Conference in 2021 and now co-authored Advanced App Store Optimization (2022), our partnership with Phiture will take the education of the ASO industry to new levels.

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