The Most Popular App Store Keywords of 2023

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What were the most searched terms on the App Store in 2023? We looked into 6 of the largest app markets (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and India) to find out which keywords reached the highest search volumes this year. Read this blog to learn more about the trends this year!

The most popular keywords are defined as searches that received the highest possible search volume scores at some point in a year. The volume score is a number between 5 and 100, calculated and directly received from Apple. The higher the search volume, the more popular the keyword and the higher the frequency of searches for that term on the App Store.

Only 6 keywords that ranked in the top 20 in 2022 still rank in the top 20 in 2023: “instagram,” “snapchat,” “facebook,” “whatsapp,” “youtube,” “netflix,” and “tiktok.”

On the other hand, this year witnessed some keywords lose popularity and leave the top 20truth social, cash app, and wordle – a word game that had gained popularity in 2022.

Here are the 20 most popular keywords in 2023 in the US:

  • Instagram
  • snapchat
  • facebook
  • tik tok
  • twitter
  • youtube
  • tinder
  • whatsapp
  • reddit
  • roblox
  • discord
  • grindr
  • messenger
  • vpn
  • netflix
  • google
  • spotify
  • telegram
  • tiktok
  • amazon

The following table shows the 20 most popular keywords with the highest search volumes recorded for the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and India.

United States United Kingdom France Germany Spain India
Keyword Max Volume 2023 Keyword Max Volume 2023 Keyword Max Volume 2023 Keyword Max Volume 2023 Keyword Max Volume 2023 Keyword Max Volume 2023
instagram 100 instagram 100 snapchat 100 instagram 100 instagram 100 instagram 100
snapchat 98 snapchat 100 instagram 99 snapchat 95 whatsapp 91 snapchat 91
facebook 95 tik tok 94 facebook 95 tik tok 92 tik tok 89 whatsapp 91
tik tok 91 facebook 91 tiktok 94 whatsapp 92 telegram 88 youtube 88
twitter 91 telegram 91 vpn unlimited 90 youtube 89 tinder 88 facebook 86
youtube 90 tinder 91 whatsapp 90 tinder 88 facebook 85 jio cinema 83
tinder 89 dawn ai 89 youtube 90 ausweisapp2 87 spotify 84 telegram 83
whatsapp 89 twitter 89 reddit 89 facebook 87 youtube 84 google pay 81
reddit 88 whatsapp 89 roblox 89 reddit 86 netflix 83 paytm 81
roblox 88 youtube 89 tinder 89 spotify 86 bereal 82 phone pay 81
discord 87 netflix 87 twitter 89 dezor 85 twitter 82 vpn 81
grindr 87 dezor 86 grindr 86 netflix 85 snapchat 80 amazon 80
messenger 87 messenger 86 messenger 85 roblox 85 wallapop 80 netflix 80
vpn 87 tiktok 86 netflix 85 ludo 84 zara 80 zomato 80
netflix 86 roblox 85 spotify 85 telegram 84 brawl stars 79 free fire 79
google 85 spotify 85 discord 84 brawl stars 83 capcut 79 spotify 79
spotify 85 google 83 vpn 84 chatgpt 83 glovo 79 chrome 78
telegram 85 plato 83 wizz 83 stumble guys 83 gmail 79 flipkart 78
tiktok 85 uber eats 83 google 82 bereal 82 shein 79 google 78
amazon 84 vinted 83 hinge 82 amazon 81 skyshowtime 79 swiggy 78

Generic keywords continue losing popularity in 2023

In previous years, the most searched keywords in each country were typically brand names. This trend grew in 2022 and has continued in this direction throughout 2023.

In the first quarter of 2023, vpn is the only generic keyword found in the top 20 keywords of the American, French, and Indian markets. The UK, Germany, and Spain counted no generic keywords in their top 20. Here is an overview of the top searches for generic keywords across the 6 markets:

  • USA – 1 search: “vpn”
  • UK – no searches
  • France – 1 search: “vpn”
  • Germany – no searches
  • Spain – no searches
  • India – 2 searches: “vpn”

Expert Tip

The top 20 most popular keywords contain many branded terms. Using competitors’ trademarked keywords in your metadata can be tempting to drive a lot of traffic, but this is not allowed on the App Store (and not recommended to include in your keyword field).

Once again, resembling trends to the previous year, the top keywords in 2023 are dominated by social networking apps:

  • instagram
  • snapchat
  • tik tok
  • facebook
  • whatsapp

Instagram and snapchat are the top keywords in the 6 markets. The video app tiktok was at the top of all markets, except India, where it’s been banned since June 2020. The private messaging app Telegram entered the top 20 searches in the US and UK this year, becoming the 5th most searched keyword during the first quarter of 2023 in the UK.

Mobile payment apps were highly popular during Q1 in India, with 3 apps among the top 20 — Google Pay, Paytm, and Phone Pay (aka PhonePe) — compared to one or none in other markets. In 2022, the top 20 keywords in India only counted one payment app (Phone Pay), indicating the growing popularity of mobile payments in the Indian market this year.

Searches for “Spotify” rise, while those for dating apps go down

Unlike last year, we see only 3 dating apps’ searches across the 6 markets this year: tinder, grindr, and hinge. Tinder remained the most searched dating app in 5 of the 6 markets studied, while Grindr was at the top of the French and American markets. Hinge, on the other hand,  entered the top charts by breaking through the French market.

While dating apps have lost in popularity, Spotify has remained highly popular. The music app is present in all six markets, even making the top 10 in Spain and Germany.

Fewer gaming keywords make it to the top

Compared to last year, there were fewer games reaching the top 20 searches. While in 2022, popular games like PUBG, Subway Surfers, and Clash Royale dominated several markets, in 2023, we saw most game keyword searches concentrated in the German market – with a total of 4 games (Roblox, Ludo, Brawl Stars, and Stumble Guys).

One would expect to find a large number of searches referencing AI due to their current popularity. However, in the first quarter of 2023, conversations about AI and ChatGPT-related apps were still in their early stages.

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