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A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization

Are you looking to take your mobile app or game global? Do you want your app to dominate the top charts worldwide? Wondering which markets to pursue and which factors to consider while localizing your app or game for a specific market?

You have got your hands on the right guide! AppTweak’s “Comprehensive Guide to App Localization” will give you insights on how to expand your app globally and reach a larger number of people.

A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization

What you’ll find inside

A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization
  1. What is App Localization?

    Understanding the process of app localization and analyzing the cultural differences between various markets while adapting your app or game to those countries.
  2. Why is Localization Important?

    Understanding the importance of localization’s high impact potential that helps apps increase their visibility in foreign markets.
  3. How to Decide Which Languages to Localize Your App or Game in?

    Identifying key factors while selecting the locales in which you should localize your app, such as app genre, market size, etc.
  4. How to Create an Effective App Localization Strategy?

    To boost your app visibility and succeed in a new market, it is important to work on your keyword strategy, craft your metadata in a foreign language, and optimize your creatives for app localization.
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A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization A Comprehensive Guide To App Localization

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