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How Dot Com Infoway increased downloads by 825%

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Dot Com Infoway is an established IT services company with a rich industry experience of over 20+ years. With a proficient team of software developers, mobile app developers, web designers, digital marketers, and project managers, DCI offers top-notch solutions in diverse technologies, catering to a global clientele.

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In the highly competitive app industry, DCI faced significant hurdles related to app visibility and downloads. Working nascent apps that struggled to gain traction, they needed effective strategies to enhance organic installs and overall app visibility for their clients. Recognizing the pivotal role of App Store Optimization (ASO), DCI embarked on a search for a comprehensive ASO tool that could provide deep insights and actionable recommendations for optimizing app metadata.


To tackle their challenges head-on, DCI explored various ASO tools in the market at that time. However, their quest for the perfect match led them to AppTweak.

Empowered by AppTweak’s robust suite of ASO features, DCI gained the ability to meticulously track and analyze multiple facets of app metadata, including keywords, screenshots, and even app icon colors, aligning them with category recommendations. This comprehensive tool empowered them to make data-driven recommendations to their clients, showcasing their dedication to optimizing app performance.

Moreover, AppTweak’s keyword analytics section offered invaluable insights into keyword volume, ranking, and competitor scores. By integrating AppTweak into their comprehensive ASO solution and complementing it with other user acquisition strategies, DCI achieved positive outcomes, bolstering their clients’ app performance.


Over a consistent 5-6 month period, DCI effectively harnessed meticulous keyword analysis considering relevancy, competition, and volume to enhance the ASO strategy for apps. One such app was GaanaP Bollywood Music App. Thanks to careful keyword research and smart optimizations, the downloads increased 825%.

Image - DCI screenshot - Thanks to careful keyword research and smart optimizations, downloads increased by 825%.

Image - Venkatesh (CRV) C.R - CEO at Dot Com Infoway Venkatesh (CRV) C.R | CEO
I can confidently say that AppTweak met our expectations in fulfilling our ASO requirements. Their platform enabled us to conduct thorough app analyses for our clients, providing valuable insights and recommendations. Through our collaborative partnership with AppTweak, we achieved remarkable success, enhancing app visibility, driving organic installs, and delivering tangible results for our clientele.