How iVisa used custom product pages and saved +$12K

  • $ 12,000saved in CPI
Client profile:

iVisa’s journey started 10 years ago. Since then, iVisa has simplified the lives of over 1M travelers across the globe by helping them attain their travel documents. iVisa offers travel documentation and services to over 180 countries with experts located around the world.

Products used:


When iVisa began working with the AppTweak’s team, they were looking into new strategies to incorporate into their ASO and paid UA efforts to boost conversion. Due to iVisa’s rapid expansion, they lacked the time to research which strategies would have the greatest impact on their goals, as well as the knowledge to implement them.


Given iVisa’s business, local provision of travel documents on a global scale, the AppTweak team recommended iVisa to start exploring Custom Product Pages (CPPs) within their next ASA campaigns.

Custom product pages (CPPs) are unique landing pages intended for user acquisition. As such, CPPs seemed like an ideal solution for iVisa to direct traffic to product pages that are geographically more relevant to specific users (e.g. a user looking for travel documentation to Canada should be directed to a CPP with creatives that showcase Canada).

Furthermore, with the guidance of AppTweak, the team at iVisa learned how to optimize these creatives to increase conversion rates. iVisa was thus able to make a new set of app screenshots in-house that would clearly highlight the benefits of iVisa travel documentation services in each country. To do so, iVisa’s designers reflected on how to visually capture the ease-of-use and the rapidity of using iVisa services in getting the necessary travel documents.


With the help of AppTweak’s guidance and support, iVisa was able to successfully launch the new CPPs on the App Store.

image - i-visa case study - CPP 1 (Australia)

image - i-visa case study - CPP 2 (New Zeeland)

image - i-visa case study - CPP 3 (South Korea)

Consequently, iVisa’s ASA campaigns in South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia saw a significant decrease in their cost-per-install helping iVisa to save over $12,000 in 6 months compared to what they would have spent without the use of CPPs.

Picture - Juan Ignacio Gori Juan Ignacio Gori | Head of SEO at i-Visa
We had little to no knowledge about ASO, but with the help of AppTweak and their App Growth Consultants team, we managed to double the downloads in a few months and improve our app's ranking in the app store listings for different countries and languages.