How iVisa increased installs from organic search by over 140%

  • + 130%app’s visibility increase
  • + 113.6%overall downloads increase
Client profile:

iVisa’s journey started 10 years ago. Since then, iVisa has simplified the lives of over 1M travelers across the globe by helping them attain their travel documents. iVisa offers travel documentation and services to over 180 countries with experts located around the world.

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iVisa was looking to get their app in front of more people in the App Store. Because of a lack of ASO knowledge and time, they reached out to the AppTweak team for help. Their primary goal with utilizing AppTweak’s Managed Services was to gain the ASO education and strategies to improve their app’s visibility in the App Store. They are also growing very quickly, so they did not have an adequate amount of time to learn how to audit metadata, or to complete in-depth analyses.



There are several ways in which an app’s visibility can be improved. This can be via search, feature, browse & explore or search ads. In the case of iVisa, the AppTweak team focussed on increasing visibility via search or in other words via keyword optimization.

To start with, the AppTweak team conducted keyword research and build a semantic dictionary for iVisa. A semantic dictionary is a list of around 100 to 200 keywords that is built with “top of mind” keywords that the AppTweak team associated with the semantic field of iVisa.

Building a semantic dictionary can be complicated and very time consuming, however it is a necessary step to improve your app’s visibility. The AppTweak team was able to identify keywords targeted by iVisa’s competitors for which iVisa lacked visbility, and a new set of opportunity keywords (long-tail keywords for which both iVisa and competitors were ranking poorly).

Following this in-depth research stage, the iVisa team was provided with recommendations to update their metadata in the App Store. This included outlining keywords that were not contributing value, and suggesting high-opportunity keywords to replace these.



After implementing AppTweak’s metadata recommendations, iVisa was able to increase their app’s visibility on the US App Store by over 130% in just 3 months.

image - i-visa case study - iVisa growth based on AppTweak’s unique visibility score

The graph above showcases iVisa growth based on AppTweak’s unique visibility score. This takes into account both average rank and keyword volume. The higher the app ranks on high volume keywords, the higher the visibility score.

image - iVisa case study - daily installs from Search increased with a growth of over 140% in 3 months

As a result of the improved rankings, iVisa’s daily installs from Search also increased rapidly, with a growth of over 140% in just 3 months. This implies that when people were searching for an app to attain their travel documents, iVisa’s visibility increase was, in fact, putting their app in front of the consumer more frequently.

image - iVisa case study - iVisa’s downloads overall increased by 113.6%

In addition, iVisa’s downloads overall increased by 113.6% over the same 3 months.


Picture - Juan Ignacio Gori Juan Ignacio Gori | Head of SEO at i-Visa
We had little to no knowledge about ASO, but with the help of AppTweak and their App Growth Consultants team, we managed to double the downloads in a few months and improve our app's ranking in the app store listings for different countries and languages.