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Each visible (and non visible) element of your app is important, as they will be used by the algorithm to index your app in the search results. For instance, your app's title, subtitle or description need to contain the right keywords. That means popular keywords that will drive traffic to your app, but also not too competitive, so you have a chance to rank in top results.

You also want the keywords to be relevant in order to increase the chances that people actually download your app after searching that keyword.

4 Steps to Boost your ASO

  • Keyword Volume Compet. Results
  • accountant 2 78 3521
  • invoice 47 48 4759
  • paid 69 3 4750
  • telescope 33 68 1253
  • jeopardy 71 69 2795
  • advertising
  • collection
  • contact
  • crazy
  • crazygames
  • data
  • enable
  • features
  • games
  • labs
  • parties
  • purposes
  • support

Find the best keywords

Our keyword tool helps you compare different keywords and spy on competition to benchmark keyword performance. Our data helps you make data-driven decisions on successful keywords.

Pick your keywords like a pro

Monitor your app performance

ASO is an iterative process. Make sure that you keep on monitoring your visibility on specific keywords, as keyword rankings change quickly on the stores.

Keep an eye on your keywords
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • App Icon
  • Screenshots
  • App Preview

Optimize your metadata

Once your keywords are optimized, you want your app to stand out from the crowd. A beautiful icon and a meaningful title will draw people's attention. A good description and catchy screenshots will help convince people to download your app. Again, you can compare all these metadata with your competitors within AppTweak.

Make the best app page

Brett Richards

Great app overall, no problem using it, does its job nicely.

Belle Rowe

A few bugs here and there that could be fixed and the app sometimes feels slow, but nice work.

Kate Hughes

Loving it! Would be great to be able to connect an email address to get reports easily.

Get feedback

While your app is getting downloads, you might want to check your reviews and ratings. This is where app users will report bugs or suggest new features to improve. Reviews and ratings also impact your rankings, so, it all adds up!

Find out what your users think

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