ASO Breakfast: How to Adapt Your Creative Strategy for iOS 15

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On Friday, March 25, 2022, AppTweak and Redbox came together for an ASO conference that was preceded by an appetizing breakfast of avocado and toast, crispy golden hash browns, coffee, and orange juice, at the Hoxton Hotel Holborn!

In this blog, we highlight what we learned about adapting your app creative strategy for iOS 15.

The attendees: Creative optimization experts

We brought together an esteemed panel to share their thoughts and insights on adapting app creatives and strategies for iOS 15.

AppTweak and Redbox ASO Breakfast in LondonHannah Parvaz is Head of Marketing at Uptime, which was launched in January 2021. Uptime, ranked by Google as the Best App of 2021 and recognized as Apple’s Editor’s Choice and one of FastCompany’s Best Apps of 2021, offers the finest information on self-help and presents the best ideas from the world’s greatest minds packed into five-minute knowledge hacks.

Jane Welsh is Global Marketing & Audience Lead at Supersolid, an independent, acclamatory game developer based in Central London that creates interesting top-genre games for mobile and tablet devices. Surpassing 90 million downloads, Supersolid’s games vary from infinite runners to resource management and arcade PVP. They are currently working on an extensive range of titles and have collaborated with Universal Music (Shania Twain’s album launch, 2017), Paramount Pictures (Clueless, 2018), and World Animal Protection (World Oceans Day 2018).

Simon Thillay is Head of ASO at AppTweak, the leading ASO tool driven by data science. AppTweak empowers over 1,700 mobile leaders – such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp, and Adobe – to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface. AppTweak’s all-in-one platform offers ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, App Intelligence, and Market Intelligence.

Utilize custom product pages in your iOS 15 ASO strategy

The discussion focused on custom product pages (CPP) and creative A/B testing for the App Store. With the launch of iOS 15, ASO managers, marketers, and UA teams now have the opportunity to improve the performance of key ASO metrics through contextualized user journeys.

With Apple’s custom product pages, marketers and product managers can now:

  • Create up to 35 different versions of the App Store product page, showcasing alternative icons, promotional text, screenshots, clips, and app previews to better display specific features or in-app content.
  • Target different customer segments with specific in-store visual assets and copy to increase conversion rates.

Learn more about custom product pages and their impact on ASO

Jane confirmed that CPPs are indeed a handy new marketing tool. The possibility to create locally relevant pages aimed at specific users with varying interests is particularly useful for Supersolid’s new game launches. CPPs also provide enough leeway to test the impact of different keywords and content to see what works best.

Hannah was of the same mind, stating that there were multiple ways to customize custom product pages on the App Store. Despite adding that Uptime does not yet have any CPPs live in the store, it is on the horizon and they expect to see remarkable results.

iOS 15 App Store custom product pages

Segmenting your audience for custom product pages

When it comes to segmenting audiences to create CPPs, Hannah stressed the importance of studying the existing data and interacting with the audience. It’s vital to know how your product is being used and to understand user behaviors.

Supersolid is all about new games; therefore, understanding gamer intents and communicating with users is similarly essential to collect as much data as possible.

Discover how Supersolid utilizes AppTweak for creative optimization and effective localization

CPP is the answer to contextual advertising on the App Store, and good creatives are essential to target a larger audience. Fascinating creatives are vital in the gaming world; it’s critical to show potential users the very best imagery. Simon from AppTweak noted that a good creative strategy is a great opportunity to perform better than your competitors. However, he recommends not running everything at once. A good idea is to deliberate creative priorities with your team and then see what works best.

A/B testing & product page optimization

When discussing Apple Search Ads Creative Sets, Hannah shared that her experiences taught her that patience is important. Sometimes, for example, creative tests led to an initial traffic drop before ultimately outperforming default creatives.

Simon added that, before their deprecation, Creative Sets used to be utilized for A/B testing on iOS, though results tended to only be relevant for certain users. However, overall, the feature made the case for segmentation in ASA and beyond.

Commenting further on A/B testing options for iOS, Simon highlighted that product page optimization (PPO) has perhaps been disheartening thus far, due to a complex submission and test management system, as well as a lack of details and the statistical inaccuracy of results available in Apple’s console. Hence, he suggests testing creative concepts using Google Play for now and adapting positive results to better match the App Store’s user interface.


With Apple’s custom product pages, product managers and app marketers can create up to 35 different versions of an App Store product page. These diverse pages allow different elements, such as screenshots, icons, promotional text, clips, and app previews, to showcase varying specific features or content within an app.

You can use CPPs to increase conversion rates by targeting different customer segments with specific in-store visual assets and copy, and redirecting users from any place to the right product page.

To conclude, marketers and product managers can now create and measure fully contextualized experiences for iOS 15 users – starting from an ad through to the correct custom product page on the App Store and precise in-app content.

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