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Carmen Longoby 
Former Junior Product Manager at AppTweak

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Keyword optimization has been the core of AppTweak since the early days. In the past years, new features have been regularly popping up in our keyword tool turning it into one the most powerful and complete ASO tools on the market.

A couple of months ago, we decided it was time to take a step back and rethink this part of the tool with the help of our ASO experts and clients. We wanted to rework the interface to emphasize the connections between the graphs, metrics and insights that we show while keeping the tool simple and easy to use.

Today, we are super excited to finally release this revamp that we have been preparing for months. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

An improved user experience

The side menu

The overall structure of the keyword tool has completely changed. Basically, we took all of the features in the main menu (both Analysis and Monitoring) and we started reorganizing the whole thing by making all kinds of links between them.

AppTweak ASO tool

After many iterations, we finally came up with the new menu. The first difference is that we switched to a side menu instead of horizontal tabs. The advantage of this menu is that the navigation is really intuitive and it leaves more possibilities to grow the tool in the future.

In addition, we have added more structure and hierarchy which makes it easier to find your way around the keyword tool. We have kept all of the existing features but they have just been rearranged differently.

AppTweak ASO tool

First of all, we have separated features that focus on today’s data and features that take the history into account, in other words we have “Audit” and “Monitor” as the top level.

Secondly, we tried grouping features around common elements such as metrics or tables and charts. For example, the section “Ranking History” gathers all features that focus on keyword rankings, including “Visibility Score”, “Ranking Growth”, “Ranking Distribution” and “Ranking History”.

The third separation which is not immediately visible in the menu is the “competition view” vs. “detail by app”. When possible we tried having a cross-competitor view at the top of the screen then a detail-by-app view. Here is how we split the “Brand vs Generic” section :

AppTweak ASO tool

Finally, we believe that it is more intuitive and it will be less overwhelming for new users that are exploring the tool for the first time.

New keyword list management

Now only the active keyword list is shown while the other ones are hidden in a dropdown. The functionalities behind the lists (create, edit and delete) remain the same although there is a small novelty: you can now associate a color to your keyword lists to help you find them quicker.

AppTweak ASO tool

More customization options

We have added lots of new options to improve your experience on AppTweak. Many of you work on small laptops and need to optimize the space on the screen when they are using tools like AppTweak. Here are a couple things we did to help you with that :

  • Expand or minimize the keyword picking tool

AppTweak ASO tool

  • Show or hide the filters

AppTweak ASO tool

  • Switches everywhere to custom charts and tables

AppTweak ASO tool

Competition analysis at the heart of our methodology

In ASO intelligence, we want to benchmark an app against its competitors at all times. This was already the case in a lot of places in the keyword tool. With the new structure, we decided that we could really push this concept one step further so that, on every table and every chart, it’s possible to compare the main app against the competitors.


To do so we made sure there was the same competitors selector at the top of each feature so that the user can choose whether he wants to see the chart for the main app or for a competitor app.

AppTweak ASO tool

The features that didn’t have the competitors and now do are Keyword Position Map, Ranking History, Ranking Distribution and Keyword Impact.


For tables like the keyword analysis or the ranking growth table we used a slightly different system. In this case, we might want to see none, all or part of the competitors in the same table therefore we added checkboxes in the competitors selector to be able to customize the table to the user preferences.

AppTweak ASO tool

In other words, we merged the keyword analysis and the competition analysis in just one dynamic table.

More than just a revamp

Actually this was more than just a revamp because we worked on a couple features that will bring new value to the keyword tool.

Organic Installs from Keywords History

AppTweak ASO tool

This chart shows the total amount of daily installs that each app is receiving from the keywords in the list. In addition to comparing your app’s installs with the competitors, what’s nice here is that you can easily see movements in the total installs of the apps and then understand more in detail which keywords gained or lost installs with the keyword impact table.

Brand vs. Generic Installs Distribution

AppTweak ASO tool

In the Brand vs Generic section, we already had one line chart that compared apps’ installs on branded keywords and then another one that compared apps’ installs on generic keywords. However it was missing a comparison of both branded and generic keywords. In this new bar chart, it is now possible to compare the total installs of apps in terms of generic keywords, branded keywords and even measure the installs of each app on its own branded keywords.

Filters for ranked keywords

The keyword research tool also got a fresh look! In most tabs, we added a side menu with quick shortcuts to help you find the perfect keyword even faster than before.

AppTweak ASO tool

Especially for the tab “Ranked Keywords” some bigger apps can end up with huge lists of ranked keywords which can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we added this small filter on the top right to help you quickly distinguish the relevant from the useless keywords. Filtering keywords by volume or keyword you’ll save precious time and won’t get lost in a sea of words.

Our support team is there for you!

Our whole support team is excited to help guide you through this transition! You can reach out to them in the support chat if you have a short question, or book a Q&A call if you feel you need more assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I filter my list?

You can access the filters with the button “show filters” at the top right corner of your keyword list.

AppTweak ASO tool

Why can’t I see Keyword Movements anymore?

Since Keyword Movements is a feature that is not directly related to a keyword list we believe it makes more sense to have it in the “Overall Keywords” part with the Overall Keyword Report.

AppTweak ASO tool

In addition, Keyword Movements has become a premium feature accessible to Power and Enterprise plans only. If you don’t have one of those plans you won’t be able to use Keyword Movements anymore. Upgrade now or get in touch with our support team.

Where can I find the Visibility Score?

The Visibility Score is still there! You can find it in the section “Ranking History” from the side menu.

AppTweak ASO tool

Did you remove the Competition Analysis table?

The Competition Analysis and the Keyword Analysis tables have merged into one dynamic table. To access it select “Keyword Table” in the side menu. By default you’ll see that no competitors are selected but feel free to add all of your competitors to compare your rankings and installs.

AppTweak ASO tool

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Carmen Longo
by , Former Junior Product Manager at AppTweak
Carmen is a former Senior Product Manager at AppTweak. Her expertise in ASO helps her to continuously improve and build disruptive features. Like most “Apptweakers”, her life revolves around food.