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You’ve probably had that situation where you check your app’s data in the App Store Connect and suddenly see a huge spike in app impressions and you have no idea where they come from. You know your app has probably been featured on the App Store, but it’s not easy to find out in which type of “Story” or in which countries it was published. Don’t worry! You can now view that info on AppTweak in our new “Featured Apps” section. Read on to know more about this feature!

Get an overview of the Today tab “Stories” worldwide

Every day, you can check the “Stories” that were published on the App’s Store Today tab across the world. In AppTweak’s “Featured Apps” tab, you can see an overview of Today’ tab’s “Stories” across 10 top countries.

Check out Today’s stories across top markets in just a glimpse.

Check out Today’s stories across top markets in just a glimpse.

As soon as you click on a “Story,” it opens up to show its content, just as users see it on the App Store.

Examples of different types of Stories and how their content looks like

Examples of different types of “Stories” and how their content looks like.

If you’d like to look at the “Stories” that were published in a particular country, you can use our country filters to check the “Stories” that were published on that App Store. You can also play with the date range to go back in time and see which Stories were published on a particular day in the past.

Overview of the Stories that were published on the Argentinan App Store in the month of March
Overview of the “Stories” that were published on the Argentine App Store in March.

Scanning through the different Stories that were published across different regions can help you get a better understanding of trending topics in different markets or new popular apps. To make it easier for you to identify the most visible apps on a given selection (country and date), AppTweak shows a summary of top featured apps and the number of times they appeared in “Stories” for the selected filters.

Most featured apps across different countries over March 2019
Most featured apps across different countries in March 2019.

When we looked at the top featured apps across different countries, we found interesting patterns. For instance, we saw that Fortnite was given a lot of visibility in Europe and that other top featured apps in Europe mostly include games. In Latin America, however, the most featured apps are all meditation apps. It’s also interesting to see that Apple doesn’t seem to have dedicated content teams for these countries since the published stories are the same.

Another great characteristic of this new feature is that you can search for a specific app to see in which countries and when the app was featured. This is great to keep track of your app’s featurings, but it also allows you to check how frequently your competitors are being featured.

Stories & countries in which the app Headspace was featured

“Stories” & countries in which the app Headspace was featured.

When you filter this section by app, the top featured apps indicate which other apps were mostly featured along with your app. It’s another great insight to understand which other apps are getting a lot of visibility from Apple alongside yours.

Top featured apps that appeared alongside other featured apps in March 2019.

We had a quick look at the most featured apps alongside apps like Headspace, Fortnite, and Candy Crush Soda. In most cases, the top apps that appeared were close competitors.

Find other potential competitors using AppTweak’s Similar Apps feature

Never miss an app featuring again!

So now that you have the “Featured Apps” section on AppTweak, make sure you never miss an app featuring again. You can now check:

  • “Stories” in the Today tab that are published in your top markets
  • Find out if competitors have been featured over the last month
  • Discover if your app appeared in the Today tab

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