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Reporting Studio: Unlock the Value of Your App Data

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In December 2022, we were proud to be awarded “App Data Platform of the Year.” We’re now extremely excited to announce that AppTweak’s app growth platform is expanding with a whole new product!

Want to understand the relationship between your app installs and revenue? Trying to compare your iOS page views with Android Store Listing Visitors?

Today, we’re officially launching Reporting Studio, a powerful addition to our all-in-one Enterprise solutions. With Reporting Studio, plot any metric from AppTweak, your consoles, or MMPs (coming soon!) on a single graph and build custom reports in seconds.

A new way to share the value of ASO

Since the beginning, we’ve kept one statement – “driven by data science” – at the forefront of everything we do. From the way we source our data to the new features we release, we are committed to providing the most actionable app growth data available.

After extensive discussions with many of our clients and partners, we identified a significant gap in the market. While the world’s largest apps and games often have the biggest data requirements, too many global enterprises are wasting valuable time creating Excel reports or trying to manually get a picture of worldwide performance.

We’ve developed something faster, easier, and much more efficient. To help you prove the true impact of your ASO, we’re releasing a platform to create meaningful app performance reports in just a few clicks.

Meet “Reporting Studio.”

Track your biggest app vitals in a single view

With Reporting Studio, easily centralize your mobile growth data & reports across apps, stores, and countries.

For example, a quick scan of the Reporting Studio dashboard (below) shows Netflix’s ratings, category rankings, download estimates, and iOS rankings for the keyword “streaming” in top-priority countries.

In one single view, Reporting Studio provides a quick status of your app’s most important KPIs, unifying your performance data in one place.

AppTweak Reporting Studio: Dashboard
AppTweak Reporting Studio: Dashboard

Combine data from AppTweak, stores, & consoles

Reporting is crucial to ASO; to be the first to identify trends and patterns in user behaviors, you need to effectively monitor your app’s performance.

Getting reporting right requires app marketers to interpret data from various sources. This can be complex: your app store consoles hold valuable information, like conversion rates, uninstalls, or even in-app events’ engagement. You should also leverage data directly from the stores, like keyword rankings or app ratings. And on AppTweak, you can find endless data possibilities – from your competitors’ download estimates to revenues.

With Reporting Studio, easily combine data from AppTweak, the stores, and your consoles to feel more confident making smart app business decisions.

AppTweak Reporting Studio: ASO Metrics and App Store Consoles
AppTweak Reporting Studio: ASO Metrics and App Store Consoles

Coming soon: Data from MMPs (Adjust, AppsFlyer, etc)

Very soon, you’ll also be able to track data from mobile measurement partners (MMPs) like Adjust and AppsFlyer, directly in Reporting Studio!

Mobile measurement partners allow you to measure the performance of your ad campaigns and better allocate your advertising budgets. Soon, you’ll be able to plot console data, AppTweak data, and MMP data (like ad impressions, spend, or revenue) directly in your Reporting Studio reports.

Create custom reports for your business goals

With Reporting Studio, enjoy flexibility to build powerful reports that go beyond our pre-defined graphs on AppTweak:

  • Access unique App Store Connect data metrics, exclusively available in Reporting Studio (e.g., redownloads, sessions, or in-app events data).
  • Easily compare the same iOS and Android KPIs in one graph.
  • Create reporting views that have never been possible before.

Say you’re planning to launch a marketing campaign for your food delivery app in South East Asia. In just a few clicks, you can set up a unique report monitoring keyword volumes for “food delivery.”

For instance, the report below shows that keyword volumes for “food delivery” are more cyclical in Vietnam and Malaysia, but pretty stable in the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. As a result, you could optimize your marketing results by planning different strategies accordingly.

AppTweak Reporting Studio report
Reporting Studio: Create unique reports (e.g. keyword volumes across countries)

See the report for yourself (no AppTweak account required to view)

Promote team collaboration

Finally, Reporting Studio was made for sharing. With Shared Workspaces, easily organize your reports in AppTweak by team, app, or otherwise.

Ready to share your reports externally? In a click, generate a unique URL (and for extra privacy, add a password) to share your new report with anyone – no AppTweak account needed to view. Allow others to visualize your ASO progress with reports that are dynamically updated over time, as soon as you make any changes.


AppTweak is extremely excited to launch Reporting Studio, a new platform empowering Enterprise marketers to unlock the true power of their app data.

With Reporting Studio, create custom ASO reports that combine data from AppTweak, your consoles, the stores, and (soon) MMPs! Automatically get 10 reports included with an AppTweak Enterprise plan.

Ready to see what it’s all about?

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Georgia Shepherd
by , Product Marketing Manager at AppTweak
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