Review Management powered by GPT-4

Review Management: Save Time & Reply to Reviews with GPT-4

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We are proud to announce an incredible new AppTweak product that we’ve developed over the past year – the App Reviews Manager powered by GPT-4.

As part of our commitment to being the industry’s leading app store acquisition platform, our App Reviews Manager is a complete platform that allows you to leverage AI and automation tools to save time engaging with your users and leveraging valuable feedback from your app reviews.

With App Reviews Manager, centralize all your app store reviews in one place, increase efficiency, and empower your customer support teams to improve your app store reputation.

Simply connect your app store consoles to get started leveraging AppTweak’s user-friendly systems and intuitive features to engage with all your reviews – across apps, stores, and countries.

Why reply to your app store reviews?

Your ratings and reviews are key public indicators of your app’s health. They signal to your potential users how happy current users are with your app, and can also impact where your app can be promoted across the store. Engaging with your reviews can further impact your app’s success by:

  • Improving your overall reviews and ratings scores by interacting with users and encouraging them to change negative reviews/ratings to more positive ones. As many studies have found, the higher rated an app is, the more it will encourage new users to convert.
  • Proving that you actively want to help your users and show that your team prioritizes support. Answering existing questions in replies can also aid other users with the same questions and direct them to the most appropriate support.
  • Understanding what real users want so you can improve your product and its roadmap.

Learn more about replying to your app store reviews

A new way to manage & reply to your app store reviews

Review Management by AppTweak powered by GPT-4
Save time managing & replying to your app store reviews with our App Reviews Manager powered by GPT-4

On AppTweak, you can now find a dedicated space to reply to all your reviews across apps, stores, countries, and languages.

The store consoles aren’t particularly designed to provide the easiest review management experience. We’ve listened to our clients’ valuable feedback over the years and developed App Reviews Manager – a powerful platform allowing you to go beyond the store consoles and save time engaging with all your reviews.

Just connect your console to load all your reviews in AppTweak, try our review management features out, and understand how you can best leverage this tool for your company’s goals.

Deep dive into tools & techniques for review management in AppTweak

Save time & provide instant support with GPT-4 replies

If you have very engaged app users, it can be time-consuming to reply to high volumes of app store reviews. As a result, our main priority is building features that help you save time and reply more efficiently to your reviews.

One of the most powerful features in our App Reviews Manager is its built-in AI. Don’t know where to start with a reply? At the click of a button, leverage GPT-4 to get instant reply suggestions for any reviews in any language.

Our “AI reply” button asks GPT-4 to consider the text, language, and context of each review you want to reply to, ensuring all your replies are professional and well-written. We’ll also analyze any of your previous replies in our system to provide a suggestion that sounds like you. If you’re still not satisfied, simply edit the reply to make it your own.

Reply to reviews in seconds with GPT-4 suggestions

Get three GPT-4 suggestions for reviews in any language

Go a step further by asking GPT-4 to generate three versions of reply suggestions. With this functionality, GPT-4 will provide a neutral, short, and formal personalized reply – and all you have to do is choose the response that best suits that review.

Working on reviews in foreign languages? Simply auto-translate any review, reply, or suggestion to ensure you’re accurately addressing international markets.

AppTweak review management tool
Choose from three types of GPT-4 reply suggestions for reviews in any language

Understand why to reply to both positive and negative app reviews

Better organize your support & monitor reply impact

Our App Reviews Manager centralizes all your app store reviews from the last 90 days.

To make it even easier to understand the impact of your replies, you can use our quick filters to only display reviews where the user updated their comment, rating, or specifically updated the review after receiving a reply.

Save any filtered view to get quick access to reviews relevant to your support organization and strategy (e.g. reviews with a specific star rating, keyword, or in a specific language). With KPIs that automatically update depending on your filters, instantly measure and compare the performance of your different review segments.

AppTweak Review Management filters and saved view
Organize your customer support work in saved views with KPIs

Increase your team’s efficiency with templates & tags

If you ever want to refer back to past replies or reply formats, it can take a long time to manually copy-paste your replies or sync with your team on how they handled a type of review.

To help increase your team’s efficiency and coordination, we’ve incorporated templates and tags in the App Reviews Manager.

Our templates allow you to save your best replies that could be repurposed for similar use cases in the future. To give just a few examples, you could create reply templates:

  • Per language or adapted for specific cultural references.
  • For any recurring bugs, helping to align your agents on technical terms, explanations, or support email addresses.
  • To maintain a consistent tone when an issue has been resolved.
  • When you need the user to provide more information about a concern.

See an example of our templates, organized by folder, below:

AppTweak Review Management templates
Organize your reply templates into folders to increase your team’s organization

You can also leverage tags to categorize your app’s reviews based on main topic – like “bug” or “feature request.” Just “tag” a specific review (or click “tag all”) to create your own relevant tag.

In our Tags section, you can then see an overview of all your tags, how frequently they occur, and the average rating for these tagged reviews. In the future, we’ll also implement an auto-tagging system that will do all the work for you!

AppTweak Review Management tags
Tag reviews to easily identify frequently recurring or important topics

Bulk reply to all relevant reviews in seconds

Another extremely useful feature in our App Reviews Manager is bulk reply. While the store consoles require marketers to manually reply to each review, on AppTweak you can prepare your best reply and select all reviews you want it to apply to.

For instance, imagine many of your users are currently reporting the same bug in your app. Easily identify the relevant reviews and save time by clicking “reply all” to post a new reply (or use a pre-written template) to the stores. You can also leverage bulk actions for all our main features – tags, templates, AI suggestions, and more.

Centralize your work with Zendesk, Slack & Salesforce integrations

Already using a customer relationship management (CRM) system like Zendesk or Salesforce? Does your company prefer communicating through Slack?

Our App Reviews Manager incorporates third-party integrations that allow you to centralize all your work and reply to reviews via your preferred platforms.

Set your integrations up in minutes to receive and reply to your app store reviews from Zendesk, Salesforce, or Slack! You’ll also be able to leverage many of our review management features from your third-party platform, like benefiting from our GPT-4 replies directly in Zendesk.

AppTweak Review Management integrates with Zendesk, Slack and Salesforce
Integrate AppTweak with Zendesk, Salesforce, and Slack to manage reviews from your preferred platforms


We’re very excited to announce AppTweak’s complete App Reviews Manager that allows you to save time, reply to all your app store reviews in one place, and easily extract valuable insights from your reviews.

We can’t wait to keep developing this tool and have some very exciting features coming up – like new filters, bulk reply by GPT-4, and more. And for Enterprise clients, we’re working on a powerful automation system that will let AppTweak’s AI do the replying for you – all you’ll have to do is monitor the results.

Just connect your console to explore the incredible features in our App Reviews Manager powered by GPT-4.

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