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Growing Category Rankings and Increasing Visibility on the App Store

Discover how iSharingSoft used AppTweak to grow its category rankings and increase its visibility on the US App Store.

About iSharingSoft

iSharing by iSharingSoft is a real-time locator app that allows family members and close friends to privately share their location and communicate. The app provides easy tracking and message alerts that share the whereabouts of a user’s loved ones.


One of iSharingSoft’s 2021 goals was to reach the top 100 apps in the Social Networking category on the App Store. As a small company, this goal was managed by just one employee on the marketing team.


In February, the company began to update keywords in its app metadata every 2-3 weeks. Thanks to these changes, keyword rankings increased by 20%. For those keywords that the app ranked high for (within the top 5), iSharingSoft invested more into its Search Ads campaigns, allowing the app to rank even higher for the same search terms.

To find actionable insights on AppTweak, the team took advantage of the Search Ads Recommendations feature that provides keyword recommendations directly from Apple. They particularly concentrated on keywords with high search volumes that the app already ranked well for.

Having integrated their App Store Connect console, the team was also able to monitor conversion, looking particularly at how many impressions (the number of times the app was viewed in the store for over one second) converted into installs (real customers). With AppTweak’s Conversion Benchmark tool, iSharingSoft saw that their metrics were highest in the Social Networking category. As a result, they decided to keep their creative assets (screenshots, promo video) the same for the time being.


Before starting these ASO efforts, the iSharing app ranked around #160 in the Social Networking category on the App Store. However, from February onwards, the app has seen growth in its category rankings, reaching a high of #92 and fulfilling its initial goal. This represents a 42.5% increase in its category ranking, achieved only 2 months after implementing its new growth strategy.

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager

Even for a small marketing team, growing our category ranking with AppTweak was straightforward, accessible, and easy to monitor over time.

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  • AppTweak answered our need to improve not only our organic installs but also our overall conversion of page views to installs.

    Elizaveta Kostyukhina

    Head of User Acquisition at Supersolid
  • From keyword rank tracking to competitor insights, AppTweak provides various levels of feedback that help inform my ASO process.

    Andrew Kim

    Growth at SmartNews
  • AppTweak is very intuitive, but most of all helpful in the everyday tasks for ASO manager. Moreover, the support is excellent.

    Katarina Snopcokova

    User Acquisition Specialist at Sygic

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