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Increase the Number of Keywords Ranking in the Top 10

Learn how Vinted used AppTweak’s powerful keyword research, monitoring, and impact features to increase the number of keywords ranking in the top 10.

About Vinted

Vinted is the largest online international C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion, with a growing member base of over 50 million members spanning 16 markets in Europe and North America.


On a mission to make second-hand the first choice worldwide, Vinted helps members sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories from each other, making shopping a mobile and social experience through one-on-one member interactions in its community. The European start-up is head-quartered in Vilnius, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Utrecht and Prague and has over 1000 employees.

Vinted’s success and expansion across Europe required a strengthening of the app's position in the App Store, alongside the development of a more diverse marketing strategy.

It became clear that to maintain a high level of performance and to keep expanding organically, Vinted needed a consistent App Store Optimization Strategy, focussing on keyword optimization and research, coupled with competitor benchmarking and monitoring.


AppTweak’s unique suite of ASO tools answered this call for organic growth in both the App Store and Google Play.

Using AppTweak’s Keyword Research, Monitoring, and Impact features, Vinted managed to identify and optimize keywords in target markets. Thus, it succeeded in increasing the number of keywords ranking in the top 10, while also improving the conversion rate for traffic generated in both the stores by organic and paid campaigns.

The Competition Monitoring feature was beneficial both for entering new markets and for strengthening Vinted’s position in the existing ones. Data on competitors enabled the ASO team at Vinted to understand which keywords were driving the most downloads for competitors already operating in the target markets. This data continuously powered new market launches, allowing Vinted to integrate relevant keywords into its title, subtitle, and description.

Vinted’s key benefits in using AppTweak:

  • Powerful Keyword Research, Monitoring, and Impact features to search terms and improve ranking.
  • AppTweak’s API enabled Vinted to see movements in keyword ranking and stay on top.
  • Competitor research and daily email alerts on changes gave quick insights into what competitors do and where they get featured. This saved time in manual research.
  • Auto-translation on AppTweak helped localization efforts, allowing keyword optimization even when unfamiliar with the language.


Overall, after starting to use AppTweak, Vinted came to rank in the top 10 for a total of 210 new keywords within half a year in 6 European markets on each store: Google Play and the App Store.

Quoc Anh Luong,<br>ASO Manager at Vinted

Quoc Anh Luong,
ASO Manager at Vinted

AppTweak's constant additions of new features and drive for innovation make it stand out as an ASO tool.

Features used

Competition Monitoring

Monitor your competitor metadata updates and detect when they are running A/B tests on Google Play.

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Keyword Research & Suggestion

Find the search terms users use most when searching in the app stores.

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Keyword Monitoring

Stay on top of keyword movements and closely monitor your app’s performance.

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Keyword Impact

See how many downloads you gain from improving your rankings for your top priority keywords.

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  • The personal touch and openness regarding data, and constant tool improvements make AppTweak different.

    Ekaterina Petrakova

    Mobile Marketing Manager at Rocket Internet
  • AppTweak helped us gain valuable insights into keyword data which was instrumental in tipping off our visibility & conversion funnel

    Rahul Kumar

    Growth Team
  • From keyword rank tracking to competitor insights, AppTweak provides various levels of feedback that help inform my ASO process.

    Andrew Kim

    Growth at SmartNews

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