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Today, it’s impossible to avoid the power of artificial intelligence. AI is accessible, trending, and transformative; adopting the right AI tools early can present a significant opportunity to grow your competitive advantage. The mobile marketing industry is just one example of this.

Today, many mobile marketing platforms are embracing AI based on general-purpose language models. AI in AppTweak takes this even further. Today, we are proud to say our platform stands out thanks to specialized intelligence that has been meticulously trained on millions of app store data.

Our data scientists have spent years developing an advanced language model that is exclusively trained on millions of apps, keywords, and their ranking relationships for almost a decade! The result – Atlas AI – returns much more accurate, precise, and relevant insights than other data providers.

Below, we explore Atlas AI and other unique AI features for mobile marketing in AppTweak.

Atlas AI: Unique tools & intelligence across AppTweak

Exclusive to AppTweak, Atlas AI is our home-grown artificial intelligence. Every day since 2014, we have collected data on millions of apps and keywords on the App Store and Google Play in 100+ countries/languages.

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Like ChatGPT, Atlas AI is a deep-learning model. The difference, however, is that Atlas AI has been specifically trained on data from the App Store and Google Play. For mobile marketers, Atlas AI returns unmatched insights to more effectively navigate the app market, including more relevant keyword suggestions, competitor suggestions, and innovative keyword metrics.

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Where ChatGPT is trained on huge amounts of data from books, online content, and more, Atlas AI has been trained on millions of data from the app stores. In the same way that modern AI provides human-like responses to our questions, Atlas AI provides easy-to-understand insights to help solve your app growth challenges.

For example, at first glance, it would be easy to consider the keywords “run” and “running” as both relevant to fitness app, Nike Run Club. However, Atlas AI allows us to see that this would not be the case in the eyes of Apple and Google. Instead, we can use the Relevancy score (powered by Atlas AI) alongside a Live Keyword Search of each keyword to see that the stores only consider “running” as relevant to running apps (like Nike Run Club), and “run” more relevant to mobile games (like Subway Surfers or Temple Run).

Combining the AI relevancy score with a live search of each keyword shows that “running” is more relevant to sports apps and “run” is more relevant to mobile games

As shown above, Atlas AI provides us with a refined understanding of how different apps relate to each other, the relationships between keywords, and the store-specific connections between apps and keywords.

To better understand what this means for you, below we explore just a few of our favorite AI tools in AppTweak that can take your mobile growth to new heights.

#1. AI-powered keyword research for apps & games

Powered by AI, our keyword research tools provide all the data you need to increase your app’s visibility and attract new users. AI keyword features in AppTweak simplify the optimization process, providing new ideas to enhance your app metadata, identify the best opportunities, and understand which keywords are most relevant to your app.

Save time with the AI-generated keyword list

A strong keyword optimization strategy starts with a strong keyword list. With the AI-generated keyword list, you can produce unlimited lists of 100 relevant keyword suggestions in just a click.

How does it work? First, Atlas AI analyzes the millions of apps and keywords it has positioned based on their app store meanings. For your app, our AI keyword list generator analyzes all these terms, keeping only the 100 most relevant keywords with interesting search volumes. Once the analysis is ready, a new keyword list is created with minimal effort from you. Then, you can simply refine your selection based on your strategy!

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Below is an example of an AI-generated keyword list for Babbel:

Example of an AI-generated keyword list for Babbel

Use AI to expand your keyword research

Next, Semantic Keywords is a tool that helps you save time when optimizing your metadata. Simply input a specific keyword you have in mind – we’ll return 50 related suggestions at the click of a button. You can then add any interesting keywords to your list and repeat the process as many times as you like.

With Semantic Keywords, use AI to generate 50+ new keyword ideas

Select only the best keywords with the Relevancy Score

One of our most advanced keyword metrics is our Relevancy score, powered by Atlas AI.

Keyword relevancy is a #1 priority for metadata optimization. As both Apple and Google want to provide a good user experience, their keyword search results will only show apps that match a user’s search query.

Learn more about keyword relevancy

Thanks to Atlas AI, we can provide mobile marketers with the Relevancy score, a unique metric between 0 and 100 that quantifies how relevant a keyword is to an app based on its app store context.

Let’s take the word “lime,” for example. In the real world, this keyword is closely related to the word “lemon.” However, in an app store context, these two keywords are very different: “lime” now refers to a popular scooter rental app which is why the stores would consider “lime” to be more closely related to keywords like “scooter” than “lemon.”

Powered by Atlas AI, the relevancy score indicates how relevant a keyword is to an app, specifically in an app store context

#2. Advanced market insights with AppDNA & GameDNA

Moving beyond keywords, let’s turn to AppDNA and GameDNA, our detailed mobile taxonomy systems. With AppDNA and GameDNA, our data scientists have reclassified apps and games into more granular subcategories than on the stores, fueling many features across AppTweak.

The entire AppDNA taxonomy system, comprising 200+ more detailed app subcategories

Based on an app’s core purpose, audience, and/or gameplay, AppTweak will automatically assign one of 200+ AppDNAs (or one of 70+ GameDNAs) to any app or game. But why do we need AppDNA and GameDNA?

Taking a look at the Top Charts of the Health & Fitness category on the App Store (US), we see apps that serve varying core purposes. With AppDNA, we can dive deeper into this. Just hovering over each app shows us many different AppDNAs: apps ranging from Fitness & Workouts, Brain Training, Women’s Health, Barcode Scanners, and more.

This intelligence then allows us to provide detailed insights into your market, including more relevant Top Charts rankings, competitor suggestions, and keyword recommendations based on granular app and game groupings.

Learn more about AppDNA and GameDNA

The “Health & Fitness” top charts consist of apps serving a wide range of purposes (AppDNAs)

#3. Our deep-learning model for download & revenue estimates

Having collected 9+ years of mobile app data across countries and categories, our data scientists have also developed an extremely powerful algorithm to estimate downloads & revenues for any app, country, or market.

Learn more about our download and revenue estimates

We are committed to displaying the most accurate, transparent, and easy-to-use mobile data in the industry. Thanks to this, AppTweak is the preferred app data provider of industry leaders, including mobile marketing consultancy Phiture.

On AppTweak, compare AI-powered download or revenue estimates for any app in 100+ countries

#4. Using AI to reply to app reviews in any language

Finally, if you’re tired of wasting time scanning all your app reviews, going back and forth between consoles, and thinking of the perfect responses for your users, you can find AI-powered automation tools to maximize your productivity in our App Reviews Manager.

At the click of a button, you can ask GPT-4 to generate custom replies to any reviews left for your app – in any store, country, or language. Not only can this save you valuable time replying to user reviews; our AI can also generate three versions of each reply so you can easily choose the most appropriate tone.

In just a click, ask GPT-4 to generate three types of personalized replies for your app reviews in any language

Leverage AI features across our entire platform

Above, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favorite AI features for ASO, but AI in AppTweak doesn’t stop there. You can find many more AI-powered features for apps and games across our platform (e.g. estimated installs per keyword, App Power, and more).

With innovation at the forefront of everything we do, AppTweak is committed to providing unique data, insights, and solutions to help grow your apps in the long run. Simply request a demo of our tool or start your 7-day free trial to learn more!

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Olivier Verdin
by , CEO & Co-founder at AppTweak
Olivier is CEO and Co-Founder at AppTweak. Serial entrepreneur, Olivier is passionate about new technologies and neurosciences.