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Have you ever wondered what your app’s market share is in a given country? Or how it is positioned compared to other apps in the sector? We’ve added a feature to our Market Intelligence Add-On that allows you to benchmark your app’s data with the data of the market. All you need to do is connect your Apple and Google Console to AppTweak and create the market you want to benchmark your app in. We take care of the rest!

AppTweak Market Intelligence allows you to capture insights such as top-performing apps, market share, competitiveness, seasonality, and market trends of a selected set of countries and categories. With our new benchmark feature, you can now compare your app’s data against your markets’ data to see how it is positioned and performing across different countries. Read further for practical examples of the learnings you can get from this new feature.

To activate the benchmark, all you need to do is connect your Apple and Google Console to AppTweak. You will then be able to select the app you want to benchmark among your connected apps.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark: Benchmark your app against its market

Review your app performance across countries in just a click

In our Top Charts feature, once you have connected your apps, you will be able to select the one you wish to benchmark. For example, let’s say that you have a game that is available worldwide. Your focus market is the United States, but you’re looking into Europe.

With Market Intelligence, you can now rapidly see where your game stands in the Top Charts across the countries of your interest.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark - Top Charts

In the example above, I can see that my game is performing relatively well in English speaking markets such as the US but also the UK and Canada. However, in countries such as France, Germany, and Spain, we can see that the game is much further down the charts.

Discover how many extra downloads your app needs to climb the top charts

If we continue with our imaginary game from the previous example, the first question that comes to mind is: how many downloads should my game be getting in order to reach a similar rank level as it has in the English-speaking countries (let’s say in the top 50).

That’s exactly what our Downloads to Top feature is about! And it just got better. You can now benchmark one of your apps to see the number of daily downloads it needs to reach a certain position in any country and category.

We had a look at the number of downloads our game would need if it were to rank among the top 50 apps of the Simulation Category in France, Germany, and Spain.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark - Downloads to top Game Simulation

It looks like Germany is the toughest country, with an extra 600 daily downloads needed to rank among the top 50. France is nearly as competitive, with 430 extra daily downloads needed, whereas, in Spain, my game “only” needs less than 200 daily downloads to climb up to the Top 50 results.

What’s also interesting is to see where my app would rank if it were to change category. Let’s say that my imaginary game is a simulation game but also a strategy game, what if I registered it in the Strategy Category instead of the Simulation Category?

AppTweak Market Intelligence - Downloads to Top Game StrategyAs you can see, the Strategy Category seems to be less competitive than the Simulation Category for all 3 countries. In fact, AppTweak estimates that, with its current level of daily downloads, my game would already be among the top 50 games of the Strategy category in all 3 countries and only a few hundreds short from ranking among the top 10 in France and Spain!

Measure your app’s market share and compare across categories and countries

Now let’s say that I have a travel app that is on the Apple App Store and most active in North America. I want to know what is my app’s market share of the North American Travel industry (iOS) in terms of app downloads. In AppTweak, I can easily create a market composed of the iOS travel category and including the countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

AppTweak shows me the top ten apps within the overall market as well as by country. In just a click, I can see where my app stands within this market.

When I look at the market as a whole, I see that my app stands around the 7th position, with about 1% of the market share. I also see that the major leading apps in this sector are Google Earth with 7% of download market share and Uber with 5%.

If I dig down into the country details, I can see that my app accounts for 2% of the downloads in the iOS Travel category in the United States. However, I am not among the top 10 apps of the market in Canada and Mexico.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark - Market Share by Country

If I switch to the table view, AppTweak indicates that my app is in the 22nd position in Canada with around 400 average daily downloads and 57th in Mexico with less than 100 daily downloads.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark - Market Share by Country Table View

Finally, the app benchmark in Market Intelligence also allows you to compare your app’s seasonality with the market. This is helpful to identify if uplifts or drops in your app’s downloads are due to your marketing efforts, app performance or are mostly due to external factors that impact the market you’re in.

I had a look at the weekly seasonality of my imaginary travel app, and had it benchmarked against the trends of the Travel sector in the US, Mexico and Canada.

AppTweak Market Intelligence Benchmark - Seasonality

I can see that, in all 3 countries, the weekly seasonality of the travel category is close to null, meaning that there is no significant uplift on a specific day of the week. However, when it comes to my app, things are very different. AppTweak clearly shows that my app tends to have more downloads during the weekends than during the week (up 20 to 40% depending on the country). This clearly proves that people mostly search for an app like mine during the weekends, and that I should probably intensify my paid strategy on Saturdays and Sundays.


To sum up, our new benchmark feature in Market Intelligence will allow you:

  • Immediately see where your app stands in the Top Charts of its category across the countries of your interest
  • Evaluate the number of extra downloads your app needs to make to climb up the charts and the potential rank it would have if it were to change category
  • Calculate the market share in terms of downloads (and soon revenue) of your app in a market of your choice and drill down by category and country
  • Compare your app’s seasonality with the trends of the market to separate the download movements that are specific to your app from those that are due to the market trends.

Check out how your app performs within different markets in AppTweak.

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