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Impact of Black Friday on Shopping Apps in 2020

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Impact of Black Friday on Shopping Apps in 2020

Last year, we noticed that there had been many newcomers to the Shopping category during Black Friday promotions, with one half of the previously ranked top 10 apps being replaced. This year, we’ve noticed that many of the top 10 apps have held onto their position, with a little shuffling around the top ranks.

A trend we’ve noticed this year is that Black Friday was huge – record-breaking, in fact – but shopping seemed to take place during much of November, and not just the day after Thanksgiving. According to Adobe Analytic’s 2020 Holiday Shopping Trends report, consumers spent $9.03 billion on Black Friday this year, up 21.6% from last year. An additional $5.1 billion was spent on Thanksgiving and $3.47 billion the day before. Not including the weekend or Cyber Monday, that’s $17.6 billion in sales over the course of 3-days! Predictions for Cyber Monday are between $10.8 and $12.7 billion, which could mean it ends up being the largest single online sales day in history.

Who are the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ of Black Friday 2020

We’ve put together an analysis to show the “winners” and “losers” of Black Friday this year.

Category Rankings in Shopping category, App Store (Left – Sunday, November 1st, Center – Monday, November 23rd, Right – Friday, November 27th)

1. Amazon Shopping and Walmart – Shopping & Grocery

Download estimates, Last 90 days for Amazon Shopping (red) and Walmart – Shopping & Grocery (blue)

Amazon Shopping has been the #1 app in the Shopping category of the App Store nearly all of 2020 except for a few days, when the daily downloads for other apps have exceeded those of Amazon Shopping. On November 10th, Walmart began early Black Friday discounts for online purchases only, and as a result downloads for the Walmart – Shopping & Grocery app grew from around 55,000 per day to over 160,000 on November 12th. After this successful promotion, Walmart again passed Amazon Shopping on Wednesday November 25th with over 100,000 downloads. By Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Amazon Shopping once again took over the #1 position in the category and is likely to keep this lead through Cyber Monday, a day that Amazon has historically reigned supreme.

2. Target and Best Buy

Download estimates, Last 90 days for Target (Green) and Best Buy (blue)

During the week of November 23rd, downloads for both the Target and Best Buy apps increased by several thousands, and both of these apps improved within the top 10 of Shopping apps in the App Store. Rank for the Target app increased from about #9 to #3 on November 23rd and from ranking below the top 20 in October to ranking as high as #3 on Black Friday. Each of these apps released promotional advertising around November 10th as well, but did not change their metadata during the last two weeks. Either the keyword field for these apps changed on November 23rd or users began to search more organically for the best promotions of each week.

3. OfferUp, Wish & Kohl’s

Download estimates, Last 30 days for OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Letgo. (green), Wish – Shopping Made Fun (yellow-green) and Kohl’s – Shopping & Discounts (blue-green)

While downloads for OfferUp and Wish did not change drastically, they did for other apps within the top 10, such as Kohl’s – Shopping & Discounts. The Kohl’s app ranked #3 on Sunday, Nov 22nd and #10 on Monday Nov 23rd, after surpassing downloads for both OfferUp and Wish on November 21st with over 50,0000 downloads and 23,000 the following day. While Kohl’s was not able to rank in the top 10 on Black Friday, these graphs demonstrate that they had big deals the week before Thanksgiving and didn’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving like other competitors.

Neither OfferUp, Wish or even Kohl’s changed their metadata or screenshots to prepare for Black Friday savings or promotions, so these changes were all due to organic search volume changes or promotions and advertising campaigns leading to increased traffic in the App Store.

Black Friday this year, 2020, was enormous. Likely due to changes in online shopping and how companies have promoted their products this year, changes during the week of Thanksgiving were smaller than previous years, but sales were higher. “Black Friday” has become more of “Black November” in the last couple of years; it will be interesting to see if this trend in online shopping continues next year or if trends reverse, and in-store shopping becomes popular once again.

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