Apple WWDC 2024: Key ASO Updates for App Developers

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Apple’s WWDC 2024 unveiled key updates to app store optimization (ASO) that every developer should note. Let’s break down these changes and see how they can help you boost your app’s visibility and user engagement.

1. Improved deep linking in CPPs

A significant ASO update from Apple WWDC 2024 is the addition of deep links to custom product pages (CPPs).

Previously, CPPs let you customize your app’s appearance on the App Store depending on which ad a user clicked. Now, you can add a deep link directly in your CPP setup in App Store Connect. This new feature allows you to create tailored user journeys that not only direct users to specific versions of your app store page but also guide them through a customized onboarding experience based on the ad they interacted with.

You only need to ensure the deep link works. This flexibility opens up new ways to drive conversions. Also, if you use deep linking with a mobile measurement partner (MMP), you can benefit from deferred deep linking and detailed analytics on your CPP performance.

Deep links allow you to customize where someone lands when they open your app from a CPP.
Deep links allow you to customize where someone lands when they open your app from a CPP. Source: Apple

Apple has also made it easier to get your app featured on the App Store. They’ve integrated the application form directly into App Store Connect and simplified it, making it easier to showcase why your app deserves to be featured.

Notably, you can now link to an in-app event within the form, which might increase your chances of being featured, much like on Google Play.

When your app gets featured, Apple will send you a notification through App Store Connect, helping you keep track of your app’s exposure and its effects.

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3. Easier uploads for creatives

Under the latest ASO updates from WWDC 2024, Apple has also streamlined the process for uploading screenshots and videos to App Store Connect.

You only need to upload one set of screenshots for iPhones and one for iPads, regardless of the device size. This update saves you time and simplifies the management of your app store visuals.

However, it’s still important to check how these assets display on different devices.

Keep in mind these size and format guidelines for visuals on the App Store

4. Beyond ASO: AI & new ad tools

Apple didn’t just focus on ASO this year; they also introduced their approach to AI with Apple Intelligence.

This AI initiative aims to improve user experiences by integrating an SDK that helps apps offer AI-powered recommendations. This move suggests Apple is encouraging apps to use its AI to enhance how they interact with users.

Additionally, the updated ad attribution kit builds on previous versions by adding re-engagement features and streamlining the attribution process. This might reduce the need for MMPs in some scenarios, although MMPs remain crucial in the ad attribution landscape.

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The ASO updates from WWDC 2024 are set to make app optimization and promotion easier and more effective are set to make app optimization and promotion easier and more effective. From deep linking in CPPs to streamlined processes for app features and uploading assets, these tools are designed to enhance both the developer and user experiences. Adapting to these changes is crucial for staying competitive in the App Store.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates!

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