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[NEW FEATURE] Auto-translate your followed keywords to English in just a click!

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[NEW FEATURE] Auto-translate your followed keywords to English in just a click!

Have you ever done ASO in a language you’re not familiar with? We do so all the time! We know that feeling when you end up analyzing keywords and you have no idea what they mean. It can be totally mind screwing! Well, screw no more! AppTweak has nailed it! (no funny jokes intended).

App Localization - Easier said than done!

If you’ve been doing ASO for a while, you’re probably well aware of how important it is to localize your app across your targeted markets. Of course, this is more easily said than done. Your first challenge is to find high volume keywords in the new language you’re working on.

The AppTweak Tool can help you out in two ways here:

1. Suggesting relevant keywords for your app and your competitors in our Keyword Research Tool

2. Giving you an accurate Volume estimation for those keywords using a native dictionary and App Store data.

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Keyword Auto-Translation on AppTweak

That should get you started on building a list of relevant keywords for your app. You then want compare and select the keywords that will be used in your Title / Subtitle / Short Description. And here you are, looking at a list of words you have no idea what they mean.

AppTweak ASO Tool Japanse Keyword List

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So, if I’m a travel app like Trivago, it looks like “格安航空券” and “予約” are both keywords with a high volume in Japan, but are they relevant enough to add in my app’s metadata? Well instead of heading to Google Translate and checking each keyword one by one, we’ve just added a new magic button! Did you spot it? Here goes…

AppTweak ASO Tool Japanse Keyword List Autotranslated

And there’s the magic! Your ASO routine has just been made simpler!

It looks like “Cheap tickets” and “reservation” are high potential keywords worth targeting in Japan if you’re in the travel business!

Auto-Translations also in our Keyword Suggestions

We’ve also added this little magic trick in our Keyword Research tool. This means that, when you’re doing your keyword research in a language you’re not familiar with, you can translate our suggestions to English in just a click! This will help you know exactly which keywords make the most sense to add to your analysis.

Also available in French and Japanese

If you use AppTweak in French or in Japanese, you’ll find this little button does exactly the same job but translates the keywords into the sale language as the one you’re using AppTweak with. Today AppTweak ASO Tool is available in English, French, and Japanese.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out in the AppTweak ASO tool!

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