App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization: their similarities & differences

App Store Optimization (ASO) is often referred as “mobile SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) or “SEO for mobile apps”. This analogy is pretty handy in order to understand the overall principle of App Store Optimization and helps to explain ASO to newbies.

However, ASO and the “SEO for app” apply to two different ecosystems and have many differences.

Here’s a simplified comparison of ASO vs SEO:


Although App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) apply to two different ecosystems (the app store vs the web), with different algorithms for different markets and products, some similarities can be spotted.

Both ASO and SEO should be included in powerful marketing strategies, which will reinforce their impact.

There are some SEO aspects that are taken into account by the Google Play Store store algorithm (remember that Google is the king of Search) such as the keyword density in the app description or the number of backlinks weighting in the rank score.

ASO is therefore known to be a little more complex for Google Play apps because of external factors impacting the search results in the store itself.

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