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Meet the App Power, Your New Performance-Based ASO KPI!

Laurie Galazzo by ,  Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak AppTweak Releases

The ultimate performance-based ASO KPI you’ve always dreamed of is now available on AppTweak! You can now check any app’s “power” in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and compare it with competitors, from any country! Read below everything you need to know on this new unique ASO performance indicator.

A unique KPI to measure the performance of an app

As an app marketer, ASO expert or app developer, you’ve probably noticed how challenging it really is to measure an app performance in the stores.

Although various performance indicators exist today, it remains complicated to gather all the data together in order to measure the real strength of an app in the stores.

As an example, the app category ranking is indeed useful to gauge the popularity of an app in the stores. However, how can you really compare your app to your competitors if you’re not in the same category or sub-categories? How can you truly understand which app is the most successful overall?

To illustrate the issue described, try answering these two questions:

Question 1: which app (A or B) is more powerful?

1. an app being constantly ranked #3 for 4 weeks in its category.
2. an app being ranked #1 for 2 weeks and then #5 for 2 weeks in the same category.

Question 2: which app (A or B) is more powerful?

1. an app ranked #2 in the productivity category for 4 weeks.
2. an app ranked #20 in the games category for 4 weeks.

It’s not easy to answer, right? Well, if you do an in depth investigation of the app ranking history; reviews and ratings; category competitivity; country competitivity; etc; you could probably come up with a reasonable answer.

However, we know that time is precious and we know that you are always running out of it.

At AppTweak, we strive to make your ASO work easier, faster and more effective. This is precisely where our new App Power indicator comes into play!

The App Power, the quickest and easiest way to gauge app global performance

The App Power gives you the most objective and accurate indication of any app’s overall performance in any given country.

App Power Definition:

“The App Power indicates the power of an app (from 0 to 100) based on its category ranking and overall category ranking in the selected country.”

Basically, our algorithm takes all the various parameters into account in order to estimate the global power of an app in the store for a given country.

The higher your app power, the higher your visibility and footprint in the store.

However, it is important to interpret this indicator with caution. Indeed, a “low” score can already be a great achievement for your app and may be enough according to the objectives you have set.

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Discover below a few concrete examples of insights on how to best use the App Power and when to use it.

Insight #1: The App Power allows to compare app global performance across countries

Let’s take for example the app Skyscanner, to which we have added 3 main competitors: Expedia, Hopper and Kayak.

Skyscanner App Power in US

As we can see, in the US, Skyscanner has an App Power of 77, which is the lowest in this case. Hopper is the most powerful app with an App Power of 95, closely followed by Expedia with 94. Kayak is 3rd with an App Power of 80.

Now, let’s take a look at the same app, with the same competitors but in the UK:

Skyscanner App Power in UK

Skyscanner has a higher App Power (93) than in the US, and is actually the most powerful app of the series. Hopper, which was first in the US, is now the last and has an App Power of 76.

As a 3rd example, let’s take the same configuration in France:

Skyscanner App Power in France

Skyscanner has an App Power of 88 while Kayak is the most powerful app with a score of 90 and Hopper is the least powerful app of the four apps with 79.

Key point: This clearly highlights the fact that an app has more or less power given the country.

Globally, Skyscanner has a higher footprint than its competitors in the UK while it could improve in the US.

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Insight #2: The App Power allows to compares two apps in two distinct categories

Another interesting insight you can get out of the App Power is the ability to compare various apps with each other, even if they’re not in the same category.

As you know, some categories are more competitive or volatile than others, requiring more or less downloads to achieve the Top 50 for example.

Let’s take OpenTable, a handy app to make restaurant reservations, which is in the Food & Drink category. One of OpenTable’s main competitor in terms of keywords and ASO is Yelp. However, Yelp is not a direct competitor and is in a different category (Travel).

It is however very interesting to compare the global power of both these apps because they are obvious ASO competitors and probably are stealing some organic downloads from one to another.

Open Table vs. Yelp App Power in US
The App Power helps you compare the global power of an app with its competitor(s) and thus give you a solid idea of how strong the apps are in this given country.

In this example, OpenTable has an App Power of 87 while Yelp is at 99. Although both these apps are very powerful, Yelp is globally stronger and probably gathers more downloads than OpenTable in the USA.

Key points: This highlights the fact that an app has more or less power given its category.

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Insight #3: The App Power allows to measure app performance on the long-term

Last but not least, the App Power provides an accurate indication of the success of an app globally over time, on the long term.

As we know, category rankings are very volatile and often fluctuate. For instance, it is not always easy to compare a just-launched app with an app that has over 2 years.

Thanks to our app power indicator, you can now effectively measure an app performance objectively and understand its real strength.

Let’s take for example Diamond Diaries Saga, a freshly new app (launched on July the 6th, 2018). If we look at its category ranking, we see that there is a big spike on day #1 but that the ranking seem to decrease slowly.

Diamond Diaries Ranking History in US

As we can clearly see, the App Power slope is much more smooth and gradual, and keeps increasing slowly.

Diamond Diaries App Power History in US

The reason is that our App Power takes into account the ranking history but also prevents high spikes fluctuations to biaise the results.

Another example shows here an app which has a sudden ranking increase but quickly came back to its initial ranking.

Virtuo Ranking History in France

As we can see, the App Power only shows a gentle progression on the day of the ranking spike but doesn’t seem to be very much affected.

Virtuo App Power in France

Key points: the app rankings are very volatile while the App Power takes depicts the app performance globally, lowering the effects of sudden increases (or decreases) or an app’s rankings.

The App Power vs the ASO Score

As you’ve noticed, the App Power is displayed on the Top Right of your app’s dashboard. The App Power is now located where the ASO Score of your app was previously.

Don’t worry though, your ASO Score is still available!

Any app’s ASO Score is now on the Top Left of its ASO report, using a gauge for better visualisation.

AppTweak ASO Score and App Power

As a reminder, here’s the ASO Score definition:

The ASO Score shows to what extent the app follows the ASO guidelines. To improve the score of an app, you should solve all items in the report marked with a red dot.

It purely and simply indicates if an app is following Apple’s or Google’s guidelines in terms of metadata best practices (e.g: length of the app title, usage of screenshots, etc.). It is not an indicator of an app’s performance – you have the App Power for that now!

Last word on the App Power

This new ASO performance indicator is going to change the way you conduct your ASO analysis and competition benchmark.

Not only it’s going to facilitate your ASO work, it’s also helping you monitor effectively the global performance of any app, across countries and compare apps from different categories with each other.

Attention: Please use this indicator carefully and understand that achieving a high App Power indicator score shouldn’t be your end goal.

Also, we ran multiple experiments and we found that 80% of apps with an App Power above 80 are Games. This undisputedly highlights the prevalence of games as the most successful apps on the App Store.

Finally, remember, the App Power score is an AppTweak-only indicator!

Don’t wait any longer, go find out what your App Power is! Login to AppTweak or sign up in order to have access to this amazing data!

Sign up for our 7-day free trial to access this massive pool of data and conduct your market research.

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Laurie Galazzo

by ,  Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak

Laurie is Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak and joined the company in its early stages (2014). She's passionate about new technologies, growth and mobile marketing. Oh, and also about sushi.