Mobile Gaming Market Trends 2023: GameDNA Report

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Similarly to our recently released AppDNA, GameDNA is AppTweak’s unique game taxonomy system. With GameDNA, our data scientists have reclassified games into over 70 more specific genres, offering more relevant app store insights than store-given subcategories.

We are now excited to release our latest report GameDNA: Mobile Gaming Trends 2023, providing game developers with advanced data on the power of game genres in today’s market.

Download the report now to uncover:

  • Leading GameDNAs by downloads & revenue
  • Yearly growth by GameDNA
  • Top trending GameDNAs
  • Top games and publishers by GameDNA
  • And more.

Read below for a sneak peek!

What is GameDNA?

With 60% of the world’s gaming market dominated by mobile games, the mobile gaming industry is more diverse today than ever.

As a result, we now turn to game taxonomies for more precise and relevant market insights. Using our award-winning app data platform and innovative data science, AppTweak is proud to have developed its mobile gaming classification: GameDNA.

Difference between GameDNA & store-given subcategories

While store-given game subcategories are subject to change, can differ between stores, and are often too broad to accurately understand competitive landscapes, a game’s DNA:

  • Is constant through time
  • Remains the same regardless of the store
  • Provides even more granular insights

With our initial launch of GameDNA, we reclassified games according to users’ primary experience: gameplay. Gameplay describes a game’s core mechanics, including:

  • The kind of actions players can perform
  • Interactions between characters, players, elements, etc
  • The level of involvement players can expect to contribute
AppTweak's GameDNA taxonomy
Explore our entire GameDNA taxonomy classification

Learn more about GameDNA, AppTweak’s precise game taxonomy

Sneak peek: Hyper-casual games drove 25% of all downloads

We analyzed the top 1,000 games that drove the most downloads and revenues on the App Store and Google Play in the US in 2022.

With our report, deep dive into the most powerful GameDNAs in the market and uncover unique insights, including top GameDNAs & games by downloads and revenue, trending GameDNAs in 2022, top/lowest growth by GameDNA, and more.

Download share by GameDNA category, 2022
Download share by GameDNA category (left) and subcategory (right) in the US, 2022

For example, in 2022, we found that hyper-casual games dominated the gaming market, driving almost 25% of all downloads of the top games analyzed. Action and puzzle games each also held over 10% of the market’s download share in 2022.

The most popular specific GameDNA subcategory was hyper-casual simulation, with the game Money Rush leading this subcategory in downloads.

With top download drivers including Wordscapes and Wordle!, word games also led the market in 2022, followed by hyper-casual runner, sports simulation, and rhythm & music games.

Want more unique market insights?

Download your copy of our GameDNA report to explore:

  • Leading GameDNAs by downloads & revenue
  • Yearly growth by GameDNA
  • Top trending GameDNAs
  • Top games and publishers by GameDNA
  • And more.

On AppTweak, find actionable GameDNA features to get new keyword suggestions, identify top players in your market, and compare your game’s performance with more relevant competitors.

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