Reviews & Ratings: Improve Your ASO with Customer Feedback

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Reviews and ratings are an important element of ASO. But it’s also a section on which you have very little control. So how do you include reviews & ratings into your ASO routine?

Well, first and foremost, reviews & ratings are a great source of information you don’t want to miss out on.

We’ve just been working on a whole new interface in AppTweak that’ll simplify your reviews & ratings analysis and help find the most valuable user feedback to ultimately boost your ASO.

How do reviews & ratings impact app store rankings?

Although a good number of reviews and a high average rating have a positive influence on your category rankings, it is difficult to prove that the same is applied to keyword rankings.

What’s true is that reviews and ratings have a direct impact on your app’s conversion. The higher your conversion on a keyword, the higher you can hope to rank on it.

We ran an analysis through more than 100,000 data points to see how more likely people are to download an app depending on the average rating of the app. Here’s a glimpse of the results we found.

Tweet: the higher your app’s average rating, the more likely users will install it.The higher your app’s average rating, the more likely users will install it.

You can actually do the exercise yourself on AppTweak by comparing your app’s average rating and total number of reviews over time with your app’s average conversion rate.

This helps you understand the impact that reviews and ratings have on your app’s performance.

On AppTweak, you can now easily see this history for your app or your competitors, for example.
NBA 2K19 lost 1 start in average ratings one month after launchNBA 2K19, a basketball game launched on iOS US on September 26th, went from an average rating of 4.00 to 2.95 in less than 30 days. This probably seriously impacted the app’s conversion, causing a loss in keyword rankings.

NBA 2K19 loses rankings on Looking at AppTweak’s Spread per Score graph, we see that this loss is due to a sharp increase in 1-star ratings (from 12% of overall ratings to 33%).

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So a high average rating is essential to boost conversion and drive installs, but how do you get to a 4.5 star average?

Well, no secret there! You just have to build a great app your users love! That’s more easily said than done, but we can give you a few tips to get on the right track.

First, ask yourself, what do your users really like about your app?

Build a great app from user feedback

Reviews and ratings are an amazing source of feedback from your users. The good news is that it’s a free process that’s already integrated into your app!

Frequently going through your app’s reviews will help you get a better understanding of what customers think about your app. What features do they value the most? What is really frustrating? What improvements would they like to see in your app?

Feedback in Reviews & Ratings from Bitmoji usersThese Bitmoji users have great suggestions to add more fun to the app.

The learnings you’ll get from your users can help you define your product roadmap and prioritize your next improvements or new big feature.

Reviews and ratings can also help to very quickly identify what isn’t working in your app and which bugs need urgent fixing. Who knows better than your users? You can filter reviews by negative scores or using specific keywords like “bug” to identify lousy user experiences.

Negative Reviews for Facebook

When filtering Netflix (iOS US) reviews by negative score, we can immediately see what needs to be improved in their app.

By using the “filter by keyword” feature, you can evaluate what users think about a specific feature of your app. All you have to do is type in that feature name in our features and check the average ratings of the reviews mentioning.

Is this something users love? Or is it just leading to frustrations?

Use app review sentiment analysis to extract valuable feedback from users

If you’ve just launched a new update of your app, you can filter the reviews customers have left after the update went live, to understand their appreciation of the update. You might find out that the new release created a bug elsewhere, or that your users are using a new feature in a very unexpected way.

Despite Pandora's excitement about supporting iOS 12 features, reviews around the September 21st update revealed predominantly negative feedback, indicating that the new version caused downtime for some users
Despite Pandora’s excitement about supporting iOS 12 features, reviews around the September 21st update revealed predominantly negative feedback, indicating that the new version caused downtime for some users.

If your app is global or in different stores, reviews & ratings are great to better understand why your app is performing really well in one country/store and not so much in another.

Maybe, there’s a killer feature a local competitor has and that is missing in your app.

Maybe, the Android version of your app isn’t working so well on some devices.

Use reviews & ratings to prepare your app for launch

What if your app doesn’t have any reviews yet? Or if you’re about to launch it?

Reviews & ratings are a huge opportunity to discover what your future users value and what’s missing in competitor apps. You can scan through the most relevant reviews of competitor apps to get an idea of what their users are saying about them.

Consider both positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback will give you an idea of what made the competitor app successful. Negative feedback will help figure out what your app’s competitive advantage could be and better position it in the market.

On AppTweak, you can filter the reviews of any app on the stores by “most helpful,” “most critical,” and “most positive.”

Most positive Reviews for DeliverooWhat do people love about Deliveroo? – the restaurant selection!

Most critical Reviews for the Deliveroo app

Learn how to respond to good and bad app reviews

Don’t leave reviews unanswered

Of course, gathering feedback from customers is great.

But you can’t make it a one-sided conversation.

Replying to negative feedback can help users better understand an issue and what’s being done to solve it. This not only comforts the person who left the bad review; it also reassures any other user that is checking your app’s reviews.

Replying to positive reviews encourages users to keep sharing their positive vibes

Find out which app stores reviews require a response

Some love to share

Finally, to finish on a happy note, Reviews & Ratings are also a great way to get recognition from your users. This is where you can find the future ambassadors of your app or understand what is it that they absolutely adore about it. That’s how you learn what are your key features and what makes your app unique, it helps you keep your focus on the elements that will drive growth to your app. You can also discover some really cool user stories!

A user shares his story in a Deliveroo Review

A Deliveroo user shares his story of how she got her meal on a very stormy night in London.

A Tinder review explaining how user met her husband on Tinder

A Tinder fan explains how she met her husband.

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