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How AppQuantum increased game downloads by 21.5% with creative A/B testing

  • + 21.5%Downloads
  • + 26%Retained first-time installers
Client profile:

AppQuantum is a mobile free-to-play games publisher. Their mission is to help talented developers around the globe focus on making mobile games they love. AppQuantum publishes their games and increases their revenue, so they can produce worldwide hits.


AppQuantum provides developers with services, such as user acquisition, creative production, support, community, localization, game design, ad mediation, testing and ASO.

Mobile free-to-play game publisher
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The mobile gaming industry is diverse, and the competitive landscape extremely complex. On the app stores, mobile games can be classified into around 20 subcategories, and game genres can vary a lot. Working in such an industry is very challenging, especially as an ASO manager who has to work with game projects at different stages of development and target different audiences.

Given the mobile gaming landscape challenges and AppQuantum’s own project challenges, the company needed a trusted platform to provide app & game developers with the best-in-class data and insights.


AppTweak was the perfect solution for AppQuantum’s needs, given the platform’s advanced ASO functionalities – such as Metadata History, Featuring, and Similar Apps monitoring – providing insights for AppQuantum games worldwide.


1. Improving competitor’s metadata analysis

Today’s mobile gaming market is characterized by new games quickly gaining popularity. Having access to category metadata benchmarks can be of great help to analyze your game metadata against competition and identify trends in mobile gaming.

Thanks to AppTweak’s feature Metadata History and Benchmarks, AppQuantum ASO managers can uncover metadata and creative trends in their game category, as well as monitor competitors for inspiration when optimizing their game’s creatives.

By getting a better idea of ASO trends, AppQuantum felt more informed when making important decisions for their clients, while also getting inspired to try new things.


2. A/B testing game’s metadata and creatives on Google Play

Being able to quickly analyze competitor apps’ metadata and creatives has been a game changer for AppQuantum. Lately, AppTweak ASO Timeline and Metadata History solution has been applied by the team in many projects on testing different app icons against the competition, or experimenting with different screenshots for successful game localization.

App icons and localization are among the most important aspects to boost conversion rate optimization and grow your game’s visibility on the app stores. This is especially true for Google Play, where app icons are the most visible creative element in keyword search results.

Image - AppQuantum - Gold Goblin A/B/C experiment on Google Play icon.
Gold and Goblins A/B/C experiment on Google Play icon.

Testing different design options regularly and tracking conversion to install is extremely important with mobile games. This has helped the AppQuantum team to find the most effective set of metadata and creatives for each of their game projects.


Implementing AppTweak’s ASO solutions helped the AppQuantum team to analyze large volumes of app stores data and identify metadata and creative insights that would have been difficult or impossible to detect manually.

Thanks to the use of AppTweak’s data-driven insights, ASO Managers at AppQuantum have been able to optimize their game projects’ metadata and identify new opportunities for app discovery and user acquisition.

In two weeks, the AppQuantum team was able to increase downloads of first-time installers by 21.5% and increased retained first-time installers by 26% for one of their game titles following creative optimization.

Image - AppQuantum - In terms of "First-time installers" the version with the earth drill showed an increase in conversion of up to 21.5%.
In terms of “First-time installers”, the version with the earth drill showed an increase in conversion of up to 21.5%. The other two versions of the icon with the goblin and the drill also showed great performance.