How King reduced time spent on recurring ASO tasks by 62%

  • 4.47 %increase in games’ visibility
  • 62 %reduction in recurring ASO tasks
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With a mission of Making the World Playful, King is a leading interactive entertainment company with a 20-year history of delivering some of the world’s most iconic games in the mobile gaming industry, including the world-famous Candy Crush franchise, as well as other mobile game hits such as Farm Heroes Saga. King, a part of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), has game studios in Stockholm, Malmö, London, Barcelona and Berlin and offices in San Francisco, New York, Dublin and Malta.

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The ASO team at King needed to efficiently monitor the keyword visibility on key markets for  multiple games on the app stores. Being able to rapidly respond and implement necessary changes to games’ metadata is vital for a company like King, counting hundreds of popular games in its  portfolio.

Sudden and unexpected occurrences that may hinder games’ performance and require an immediate reaction include:

  • Algorithm changes and updates on both app stores
  • New competitors disrupting the top keyword rankings
  • Sudden drops in visibility hindering the team ASO strategy efforts

To counter these negative occurrences, King sought advice from the AppTweak team.


After consultation with the ASO team at King, AppTweak’s App Growth Consultants recommended building a Custom Automated Data Studio Report and a Status Check Report.

Once implemented, these solutions helped to solve visibility monitoring issues and improve project management efficiency across different markets.

The Custom Automated Data Studio Report was built to incorporate data from both AppTweak and King’s App Store and Google Play consoles, all in a single view!

By having access to such a powerful and comprehensive report, the team at King was now able to effectively monitor the games’ visibility on a set of high-volume keywords in multiple markets simultaneously.

Thanks to the  Status Check Report all team members could efficiently and rapidly align on the games’ metadata status and apply updates to improve or maintain visibility on high-volume keywords.

Before implementing the Custom Automated Data Studio Report, King would update the metadata of their main games in priority markets every month, even when the games were already performing well.

Image - King case study - Custom Automated Data Studio Report
Custom Automated Data Studio Report



Thanks to the detailed reports, King had a better view of their games’ performance and could take action more quickly. As a result,  King’s games visibility consistently improved across different markets by 4.47% on average YOY on both app stores.

Moreover, thanks to insights provided by the  Status Check Report, King was able to change their metadata update cadence and proactively identify negative changes to search visibility, which resulted in a 62% reduction in recurring time-consuming tasks.

Furthermore, following a metadata update to Candy Crush Soda Saga on the Apple App Store in the United States, the King’s team achieved an increase in visibility of 8.39% by leveraging more keyword opportunities and counteracting negative impact to visibility.

Image - King case study - Visibility score
Evolution of visibility score


Overall the streamlined monitoring process, consolidated data, and expert guidance from AppTweak’s consultants enabled King to make timely metadata updates, respond effectively to market dynamics, and increase its games’ overall visibility in the app stores.

Image - Rocío Morales - King Rocío Morales | Associate Director Performance Marketing
AppTweak’s team has truly been a game-changer for us! Their invaluable partnership has not only saved us valuable time but also significantly improved our project management efficiency.