Podcast with Steve Young: ASO Using AppTweak

Laurie Galazzoby 
Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak

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We had the huge privilege to be part of Steve Young’s Podcast on Appmasters.co. Throughout this insightful discussion, Steve and Laurie, content strategist at AppTweak, talk about App Store Optimization (ASO). Useful tips and advices are on the menu. Listen to the Podcast right away.

Steve Young

If you’re developing an app or if you’re an app marketer, you should definitely get started with App Store Optimization. ASO can drastically improve your app discoverability and therefore your organic downloads. Find out how AppTweak can help you in the process and what our platform really has to offer in comparison to other tools.

In this Podcast you will also learn how to come up with the best screenshots and icon, powerful weapons to drive downloads.

If you’re new to the app business, learn a few advices on how to start building a mobile application.

Interested? Listen to the Podcast right here.

Laurie Galazzo
by , Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak
Laurie is Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak and joined the company in its early stages (2014). She's passionate about new technologies, growth and mobile marketing. Oh, and also about sushi.