Apple App Store ASO Checklist

When optimizing your app on the Apple App Store, you can base your ASO work following this checklist.

1 App name

  • Create a descriptive and consistent sentence reflecting your app’s purpose.
  • Should be memorable and complementary to your app icon.
  • Include your strongest keywords (and place them at the very beginning if possible).
  • Localize your app title for each targeted language.
  • Characters limit: 30.

2 Subtitle

  • Should be used as complement of the app name
  • Include strong keywords
  • Don’t repeat keywords used in the app name
  • Characters limit: 30

3 Keywords field

  • Use commas to separate each keyword (no spaces)
  • Use single keywords rather than long tail keywords
  • Make sure your keywords can be combined to each other - the algorithm will combine keywords with each other, creating a set of all possible combinations on which your app will be indexed

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  • Use all available 100 characters
  • Don’t repeat keywords from your app name, subtitle, app publisher name or app category
  • Plural and Singular are seen as two different keywords. Better to use the form with the highest volume
  • Target keywords with a high relevancy, high Volume and low Competition = high KEI (AppTweak can help!)
  • Localize your keywords for each language

4 App description

Potential weight on the algorithm.

  • Important for SEO as your app’s web page is indexed on Search Engines
  • Use all available characters
  • Repeat targeted keywords (+/- 15) 4-5 times each
  • Use various keyphrases combinations using the targeted keywords
  • Focus on keyword density
  • Avoid keyword stuffing!
  • Must be easy to read, convincing, engaging
  • Focus on the first 255 characters (3 lines) to showcase your best features and include a CTA
  • Use bullet points to list your features
  • Include mentions, awards or nice reviews
  • Localize your copy for each targeted language
  • Characters limit: 4000

5 Reviews & ratings

Heavy weight on the algorithm.

  • Try to get as many reviews & ratings as possible
  • Make sure to keep a high average rating
  • Reply to negative reviews
  • Use a 2-step pop up notification process to ask your users if they like your app or not. If they do, ask them to rate your app; if they don’t, ask their feedback
  • Ask your surroundings, family, friends and anyone you can to rate your app on its launch
  • You can choose to reset your summary rating when you release a new version of your app, but should be done with caution since an app with few ratings will look less trustworthy

6 App icon

  • Your app’s first impression
  • Use a single focus point to capture attention
  • Use High-res and optimize size for each device
  • Make it descriptive, unique, simple
  • Avoid transparency
  • Avoid text, use a border
  • Test it against different wallpapers
  • Combined with your app name, your app icon should reflect your app’s purpose
  • Requirements:
  • iPhone: 180px × 180px (60pt × 60pt @3x); 120px × 120px (60pt × 60pt @2x)
  • iPad Pro: 167px × 167px (83.5pt × 83.5pt @2x)
  • iPad, iPad mini: 152px × 152px (76pt × 76pt @2x)
  • App Store: 1024px × 1024px (1024pt × 1024pt @1x)

7 Promotional text

Not indexed

  • Engage your app users and showcase news about your app
  • Should reflect your app’s new features, promotions or anything you’d like to highlight
  • Keywords from the promotional text are not indexed by the algorithm but we do recommend to use relevant and strong keywords for SEO purposes.
  • Characters limit: 170

8 Screenshots

  • Very important in terms of conversion
  • Use all 10 available screenshots slots
  • Focus on your first 2 screenshots as they are displayed in the search results (unless you have app preview video(s), in this case, your screenshots will be displayed after
  • Make your screenshots high-res and well-designed
  • Show off 1 feature per screenshot - you can also combine both your 1st and 2d screenshot making it into one
  • Use a small sentence on the top of each screenshot to increase comprehension and conversion
  • Localize your screenshots for each language
  • A/B test your screenshots
  • Optimize your screenshots for each screen size
  • Requirements:
  • iPhone 4 | 4s: 640 x 960px
  • iPhone 5 | 5s | 5c | 5SE: 640 x 1136px
  • iPhone 6 | 6s | 7 | 8 : 750 x 1334px
  • iPhone 6 Plus | 6s Plus | 7 Plus | 8 Plus: 1242 x 2208px
  • iPad 2 | Mini 1: 768 x 1024px
  • iPad 3 | 4 | Air | Air 2 | Mini 2 | Mini 3: 1536 x 2048px

9 App preview

  • You can have up to 3 app preview videos
  • Displayed before your screenshots
  • Played automatically on mute mode in iOS11
  • Highly recommended as it’s very powerful in terms of conversion
  • You can have up to 3 app previews for each language your app is localized in
  • Demonstrate your app’s best features
  • Use footage on the device directly
  • Use a great poster frame to drive more plays
  • Focus on the first seconds of your video
  • A/B test your app previews
  • Duration: 15-30sec per video

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10 Competition monitoring

  • AppTweak can effectively help you track the ASO strategy and Search Ads strategy of your competitors!

11 Updates & releases

  • Try updating your app’s ASO monthly
  • Monitor your keywords and assets performance to optimize your app’s visibility and conversion
  • Track your competitor's ASO to build your own strategy
  • Track app store trends to stay updated to the latest algorithm changes (check our ASO blog for the latest news and hacks).
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