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Monitoring the impact of ASA campaigns on conversion rate

Read how Moburst launched an ASA campaign for one of their e-commerce clients and monitored its impact on the conversion rate.

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One of Moburst’s e-commerce clients, Shopkick, wanted to get their name at the top of the store fast and entrusted them to pilot a big ASA campaign. They started with a broad keyword approach and chose keywords with the highest search volume in the shopping category. The main problem arose when they saw a decline in the organic Conversion Rate (CVR).


The broad keyword approach brought a lot of volume but fewer installs which lead to a lower conversion rate. But using AppTweak’s features Moburst was able to further analyze historical data, trends, and different sources of traffic. This led them to rapidly identify there was an additional decline in the conversion rate due to Browse Traffic. This confirmed: CVR reduction impacted organic behavior, bringing in less traffic from similar apps, which further resulted in category ranking loss!


As a result of the detailed analysis, Moburst was able to pause all keywords with a low conversion rate sooner, so as not to continue negatively affecting the app’s organic performance. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it means you can adjust your ASA campaign accordingly to ensure that all elements of the app marketing funnel are heading in the right direction.

Matan Offer - Head of ASO at Moburst

Matan Offer - Head of ASO at Moburst

Over the first couple of days of our client’s ASA campaign, we gradually optimized and removed keywords that weren’t converting. This required careful analysis that was made possible by the metrics we had access with our trusty AppTweak subscription.

Features used

Ad Intelligence

Find out who is bidding on your top-performing keywords or spy on your competitors’ social media advertising strategy.

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Keyword Research & Suggestion Tools

Find the search terms users use most when searching in the app stores.

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Similar Apps

Find out which apps are referring to your app in the ‘Similar Apps’ or ‘You May Also Like’ suggestions.

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App Analytics

Integrate your Apple Developer Account or Google Play Console to see all your data in one place.

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  • From keyword rank tracking to competitor insights, AppTweak provides various levels of feedback that help inform my ASO process.


    Andrew Kim

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  • The service AppTweak offers is very transparent, meaning our clients don’t have to provide the tool with their Play Developer / iTunes Connect console credentials to make use of it. This creates another level of peace of mind and creates trust on the client side.


    Christian Eckhardt

    CEO & co-founder at Customlytics
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  • The personal touch and openness regarding data, and constant tool improvements make AppTweak different.

    Rocket Internet

    Ekaterina Petrakova

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