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5 Steps to Turn an App Idea into a Reality

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5 Steps to Turn an App Idea into a Reality

This week we’re having the pleasure to publish a guest post from Ian Naylor, founder and CEO of AppInstitute, one of the world’s leading DIY App Builders.

If you want to get a slice of the rapidly expanding app industry, it’s time to turn the app idea that’s floating around in your head into a real tangible product.

Taking an app idea and turning it into something real is a challenge most app developers struggle with on a daily basis. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.

Nevertheless, app developers have and continue to take the same course of action. We can learn from their experience and avoid the mistakes they made. With the right information, we can turn an app idea into a real and successful app in no time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our five steps to turn an app idea into a reality.

1. Targeting the Best APP Idea

Chances are you have multiple app ideas, and maybe you haven’t started working on app development because you can’t pick the best idea to work on.

We need somewhere to start. We can’t afford to waste any more time trying to figure out which idea has the most potential.

Chances are you can’t build all the apps at the same time, so we need to focus on one and see how it goes from there. To isolate the best idea, write down all of your app ideas, and then research the market to see if they have potential.

Are there already identical apps in the marketplace? Does your app provide a solution to a problem in the marketplace? Write down all the answers.

Sometimes you’ll find that there are no apps similar to yours, but the demand might be quite low. Compare market data on all your ideas and narrow it down to a handful. Then narrow it down even further until you have just one idea.

When you have your one idea, the app development process can begin.

2. Design the Prototype and Sketches


This step is necessary to get a feel of how the app interface looks and how easy it is for people to tap the various menus and features.

We recommend tracing the shape of your target phone onto a blank piece of paper. Next, draw a rough interface – the same interface you imagined in your head. How will a person use the app? Is it easy to navigate the interface? Are the menus in the right area?

Once you filled the space in with the buttons and features, attach the piece of paper to a piece of Styrofoam, with the same dimensions as your phone. This will let you get a feel of how the app will look once it has been installed on someone’s phone. Optimize the sketch until everything feels right.

This is also an important step because it provides you with something to show investors, a rough idea of what you the app will look like and what it can do.

3. Start the Development Process

Once you have a sketch, it’s time to start the development process.

There are a number of different tools that you can use to build the program. Hiring a developer is the most common route, but most people don’t have the funds for that option.

How much does an app cost?

To determine the cost of an app, we’ll need to take a look at all our options and compare rates. It’s recommended to get in touch with several app developers and ask them for a quote on your project. But that can consume a lot of time.

Instead, why not try this simple app development price calculator?

In 10 simple steps, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much your app will cost to create. You’ll avoid having to message multiple app developers, a process that can consume a lot of time.

4. Eliminate Non-Essential Features and Buttons

Most people appreciate the simplicity of things. Make your app simple and easy to use.

If your app is overly complicated, and it’s not clear what it does, most people will avoid it like the plague. In addition to creating a simple user-interface, make sure the purpose of the app is crystal clear.

The design needs to be as clean as possible, no room for clutter.

Brainstorm the purpose of each feature, and ask yourself “Do people really need this?”

Do market research. Do other apps already include the same features?

How can you make your features better?

Once you answer these questions, the most essential features will remain, while the clutter will be removed. The result: a crystal clear app that solves one problem.

5. Revenue Options

Let’s face it. Creating and maintaining an app can be quite expensive, especially after it hits the marketplace and it’s being downloaded hundreds of times. If you can’t pay employees, the app will disappear in no time.

To keep the app on the app store, we’ll need to include some monetization methods.

Monetisation options:

  • One-Time Download Fee.
  • In-App Advertisements.
  • Membership Fees.

It’s difficult to say which option is the best, as each app is different.

But one option that has been growing in popularity (and can be quite profitable) is subscription based apps, where members pay a monthly fee.

One example would be Tinder’s new membership; Tinder Plus, which costs $9.99/month. This version of the app unlocks more features and makes it easier to find dates on the well-known dating platform.

That’s one example of how you can earn more revenue from your app!

Remember, without revenue apps die quickly.

Even if you have a good idea, if it doesn’t bring in cash, it won’t stay in the stores and your company will go bankrupt.

On another note, investors want to see proof of revenue, and the more revenue an app brings in, the more investors will be interested.


To conclude, turning an app idea into a reality is a challenge but one that’s worth undertaking because the rewards can be well worth the struggle.

Just remember, in most cases, first apps won’t be a massive success. It doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track. It just means you need to pick yourself up and try again.

Keep trying and eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

What about you? Are you the owner of an app or do you have a terrific idea? Share your experience below!