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App Keywords: 4 Facts You Need to Know to Increase Exposure

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App Keywords: 4 Facts You Need to Know to Increase Exposure

This week, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Steve Young, mobile growth hacker and founder of His website is dedicated to useful app marketing resources and courses. Discover the first part of our guest post on app keywords. Read the rest of this blog post here.

App Keywords

We always say that finding the best keywords for an app is not an easy task. If you’re new to App Store Optimization (ASO), you might be wondering why. Well here’s the reason.

The best keywords for an app would be keywords with a high volume, low competition and high relevancy.

– A keyword with a high volume is a keyword, which is often looked up by App Store browsers during their searches. This metric therefore indicates the « popularity » of a specific keyword. Keywords often typed by users in the App Store would give higher chances of being discovered to apps matching them than to others.

– A keyword with low competition is a keyword that does not match a lot of other apps. In other words, there are not too many other apps responding to that keyword in the Search Result after making a search query with this keyword. Your app therefore stands higher chances of being seen amongst the others since there will be less apps in the results.

– A keyword with a high relevancy is a keyword matching the app’s purpose or universe. It’s obviously important to keep a certain level of consistency while choosing keywords for an app.

Great keywords would therefore be keywords merging these 3 parameters all together. And that’s what’s really hard to find. It can already be quite challenging to find high volume keywords or low competition ones with high relevancy. But imagine how difficult it can be if you need to find keywords with all 3 together?

Hopefully, there are some tools and/or services helping you to find the best keywords for your app. More and more actually. Since Apple does not provide any official data on the volume of searches, ASO tools can only estimate keywords volume and competition. For example, AppTweak is set up on a homemade algorithm to get the most accurate volume estimation.

As you probably already know, when submitting an app on the Apple App Store, app developers are invited to fill in what’s called the “keywords field” with a list of keywords of maximum 100 characters only. It is extremely short so the keywords must be optimized and thoughtfully chosen.

These keywords will help the App Store (based on an algorithm) to rank an app in the search results according to what users type during their searches. There is no such field for Google Play apps so the algorithm uses keywords from the app description instead.

Now that you’ve understood how important (and tricky) keywords are,here are 4 very interesting facts that you need to know.

#1: Localization: You Should Say No to Automatic Translation

Localizing keywords is probably one of the most important things to do when optimizing keywords. Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to match the language of your keywords according to the corresponding language and country in the App Store.

Obvious one might say. What’s not totally obvious is how to proceed. There are currently 2 different ways (…)

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