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What ASO Means for App Developers

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What ASO Means for App Developers

We have had the chance of being interviewed by MobPartner, a great mobile performance marketing agency. Here’s a sneak peek of our interview about App Store Optimization and App Marketing. Read the rest of this interview on MobPartner blog. 

What do you see as the top challenges in the mobile industry right now?

According to the recent trends, we can see that there is a clear shift from desktop and mobile web towards mobile applications usage. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, apps unsurprisingly multiplied more and more. As a result, the app stores are now crowded, overloaded with apps of all kinds. The extreme competitiveness of this industry makes it very hard to succeed. One of the top challenges in the mobile, and more specifically, app industry, is to stand out from the others and manage to drive downloads. Getting users to actually download an app demands a lot of work and efforts on a regular basis. Another top challenge in the industry – and probably the biggest currently – is user engagement. We already said how difficult it was to drive app downloads. What’s even harder is to keep users engaged and to keep them active within the app. On average, a smartphone has 41 apps installed but around 80% of these apps are only used once. The figures speak for themselves: the situation is quite worrying. The average app user is clearly feeling overwhelmed and gets easily tired of his apps. App retention should therefore be one of the main concerns of app marketers nowadays.</blockquote>

How is your company working to overcome these challenges?

AppTweak is trying to increase App Store Optimization awareness among app developers and marketers. Surprisingly enough, many of them simply publish their app on the App Store and don’t work assiduously on optimizing the various ASO elements. The rankings are therefore very poor and the app, as good as it can be, loses its potential. We believe that App Store Optimization should be implemented in every app marketing strategies in order to drive more installs. We also believe that ASO is an excellent alternative/complement to paid acquisition for small budgets for 2 main reasons: …

**Read the rest of this interview on MobPartner blog. **