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Why every AppMarketer should work on App Store Optimization

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Why every AppMarketer should work on App Store Optimization

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App World

This crazy app world

Apps are everywhere. They help us find our way, pick what food to eat and where to eat it. They entertain us, amuse us and connect us with our friends and family… For many of us, it is now pretty hard to imagine living without any apps since they have made our lives much easier. There are actually 41 apps installed on a smartphone on average. The app ecosystem is growing bigger day after day, counting more than 1.2 million apps in the Apple App Store. And it won’t stop there…

The recent trends clearly show a drastic shift from desktop and mobile web towards apps. New business opportunities therefore emerged but succeeding in the apps market is extremely challenging since it is highly competitive.

That being said, it is interesting to point that an average user will mostly find new apps to download by searching directly on the store. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered by general browsing or search within the App Store . App discoverability should therefore be one of the main concerns of app launchers if they want to maximize their chances of being found.

App Store Optimization is inevitable

The Apple App Store is based on an algorithm that ranks all the apps according to various factors. It is therefore absolutely essential to work each of these factors weighting in the algorithm (eg: app publisher name, app name, keywords, app bundles name, reviews and ratings, etc.). For example, it is extremely important to match the most appropriate keywords to be found. The best keywords would be words with a high search volume, low competition and a high relevance at the same time. This discipline is called App Store Optimization (often referred as “ASO”) and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

But there is even more to do.

Read the rest of this blog post on Appsbuilder blog.