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Interview with Frédéric Delga from MobPartner: UA through paid acquisition

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Interview with Frédéric Delga from MobPartner: UA through paid acquisition

This week, we had the pleasure to interview Frederic Delga, Business Strategy Director at MobPartner, to discuss about mobile advertising and paid acquisition. With the increasing number of apps in the App Store and the fierce competition, it is sometimes necessary to use paid acquisition in complement to App Store Optimization, if the budget allows it, in order to have a successful App Marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

What’s makes MobPartner’s ad network unique?

MobPartner is a pay for performance mobile marketing customer acquisition and engagement platform. We partner with mobile app developers and mobile web content publishers to acquire and monetize a higher converting user base from click to post download activity from users around the world.

Our advertisers only pay for measurable performance and our publishers monetize with revenue generating and contextually relevant ad units offering high eCPMs.

How do you see the future of paid acquisition?

Marketers will turn to solution providers that offer a comprehensive data store with millions of in-app activities, access to attributed media sources to make real-time, data-driven decisions that increase performance and ROI.

We believe advanced targeting will be a central component of the future and achievable at scale. Also, consumer demands of instant gratification and requirement of relevancy will force the paid acquisition players to move from CPM or CPC to a results driven model like MobPartner (based on CPA and CPE) where the focus is delivering users who engage beyond an app install.

What are the best practices on spending an acquisition budget?

Marketers should take a step-by-step approach when determining how they’ll spend their user acquisition budget. Releasing an initial campaign to a restricted market, such as one geographic location, in advance of a full campaign launch is beneficial to gathering results in trial fashion. Before an initial release, mobile marketers should ensure that they have in-app tracking in place. In-app tracking and attribution is vital to learning the value of an app users from your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Creative and localized testing of campaigns enable marketers to gain a more solid understanding of consumer habits. In turn, this allows mobile marketers to make informed decisions in regards to where they spend their acquisition budget. We then suggest slow country expansion in order to scale in an economical fashion that applies the learning tactics at each stage.

Lastly, it’s always wise to allocate 10-20% for experimental testing on new countries, languages, scalability, bidding, retargeting, ad formats, etc.

What recommendations would you give to an indie app developer willing to start paid acquisition to drive more downloads?

We would recommend that any indie app developer who is beginning a paid acquisition campaign to first make sure that they have perfected their app. It’s not cost effective to spend advertising dollars on a product that’s not finalized and ready for the market. An indie app developer’s current user retention and goal driven conversion rates from organic traffic typically act as the app’s benchmark prior to paid acquisition. Staying with 20 - 25% on conversion rates will ensure success.

Furthermore, monetization tactics for your app should be optimized before beginning a paid campaign. This allows app developers to be better prepared when launching  their first paid campaigns, while closely monitoring the performance of each campaign. In addition, you’ll know the threshold you are willing to pay per download and active user based on your monetization model and conversion rates.

How does ASO and mobile app acquisition work in harmony to increase ROI?

ASO is about the landing page, overall rank, category rank and app store search. Working in unison they have the ability to drive users who are actively searching for your app or get discovered by users who are simply browsing. Increasing the sheer volume of downloads on a daily basis with paid acquisition will help increase organic downloads.