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Laurie Galazzo, Inbound Marketing Manager at AppTweak talks ASO

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Laurie Galazzo, Inbound Marketing Manager at AppTweak talks ASO

This week, Laurie Galazzo, our Inbound Marketing Manager, has answered the questions of Artyom Dogtiev from BusinessofApps. Here’s a preview of the interview. Read the full discussion right here.

App Store Optimization (ASO) has become one of the major app marketing techniques. ASO is what drives native traffic for mobile apps on both iTunes App Store and Google Play. It’s equally important for a small indie app developer and a big app company powerhouse to do app store optimization for their apps. In today’s interview for our Top App People project we’re talking with Laurie Galazzo from

What’s your job title and what does this involve?

I am Inbound Marketing Manager. My title involves multiple responsibilities including working on the company’s global communication strategy, content marketing, social media, public relations, acquisition, customer relationship and retention.

Where do you work in the app industry and what does the company do?

I work at AppTweak, App Store Optimization company empowering app developers and marketers to increase their app store visibility and compete with the dominant players. Our company’s services include a complete and intelligent App Store Optimization platform providing ASO reports for any apps in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. By analyzing every important ASO element of any app, our reports offer personalized recommendations and insights that will help apps to rank higher in the search results and therefore, increase organic downloads.

Our platform includes Our Keyword Tool provides with the most accurate search volume and competition estimations based on powerful algorithms. Our Keywords Tool supports 6 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese. It does not use any automatic translation but offers optimized and native keywords for each language.

AppTweak also allows app developers and marketers to monitor their app rankings and view their rankings history in the last 30 days for 60 countries. It is also possible to monitor reviews and ratings and see how the app can be improved according to app users.

Finally, AppTweak has also developed its own API ( allowing a single point of access to all Apple App Store and Google Play Store data (about 3 millions apps). This will enable app developers, marketers or app market analysts to integrate worldwide app store data into their own data management platform and get valuable insights for their business

What are the big trends you see in the app market right now?

The arrival of iOS9 has brought a lot of novelties and is clearly an important trend in the apps world. App developers now have the opportunity to make their app content more discoverable and accessible. Indeed, based on deep linking technology, Apple’s Spotlight Search window will now display results content from third-party apps. This offers new opportunities to app developers to get their app used or re-used by their users. To this date, iOS9 has reached 61% adoption rate.

Along with the arrival of iOS9, Apple has implemented Ad Blockers that will block all ads on mobile websites. Consequently, we’ve observed a drastic increase of interest in ad-blocking apps: one day after the launch of iOS, ad-blockers apps were topping app store charts. App marketing or mobile advertising companies must therefore adapt their business accordingly and will inevitably be forced to emphasis their efforts on iOS apps rather on mobile websites.

What is the best thing about working in apps and mobile?

There are a lot of things that makes it awesome to work in the world of apps and mobile. Not only this market is growing and evolving extremely quickly, (…)

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